Podcast 571 – “Terence #2”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“One thing about psychedelics, you don’t have to be predisposed. It doesn’t work for those who believe it work. It works for those who think it doesn’t work.”

“The problems which face us, put very simply, are going to demand sacrifice. And sacrifice is what the ego doesn’t want to hear about.”

“Capitalism is as anti-human a philosophy as you can possibly conceive, because at this very moment we should be consuming less, manufacturing less, selling less, transporting less. And what’s the battle cry? Free trade everywhere!”

“The way a dream melts away is the way a DMT trip melts away, at the same speed.”


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  1. Just listened to the last half hour, and realized you mentioned this. I gotta pay attention. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is another recording of the tree of knowledge lectures. I think starting from the 2nd MP3 of 8

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I don’t know what tape it is in the series, because it just has a hand written label by the person who was in the hall and recorded it at the time. HOWEVER, you are correct!!! It is from the Tree of Knowledge series according to the other tape that I found.]

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