Podcast 568 – “We Become What We Behold”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Cyber Christ by Alex Grey

“Cosmic Christ” by Alex Grey
Photo credit: Lorenzo


Date this lecture was recorded: April 1995

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“If a Buddhist could design their own genome they would become a fungus, because a fungus is a primary decomposer. It is the only karma-less place in the food chain. There is no karma for the fungi. They don’t destroy any life whatsoever.”

“The trick is going to be to recognize the extraterrestrials.”

“I think probably the biota of the Earth is riddled with extraterrestrial genes, if not organisms, and possibly intelligences.”

“It’s very clear to me that every abduction case around, except for a vanishingly small number that we can put in the classical category of stigmata, can be explained by one simple fact: People are losing the ability to distinguish dreams from memories.”

“Trust only yourself.”

“I think we’re getting set, basically, to decamp into the imagination. That the imagination is as real a place as across the river is if you’ve just acquired eyes.”

“A shaman is a seer, is a prophet, is a higher dimensional mathematician. And they may not use tensor equations to express what they’re doing, but mathematics before symbols is experience.”

“We have unleashed such novelty that I think we’re in the terminal phase of decamping from three dimensional space. We are leaving the womb of Newtonian being for something else, the imagination. And the birth is tumultuous. The entire planet is at risk.”

“If this planet hadn’t been wrecked sixty-five million years ago we wouldn’t be here. Well then, what is our position on planetary catastrophe? We’re in the process of making one. Is it so that sixty-five million years in the future an organism filled with love, and justice, and intelligence will look back at our skeletons in the shale and say, ‘Well, they had a good thing going, but if it hadn’t been for their extinction we wouldn’t be here.’ “


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“Thinking Outside the Quantum Box”
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  1. Wow if your going to credit an Alex grey piece get the name right. It’s cosmic Christ not cyber Christ.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for the correction. BTW, it should be YOU’RE if you want to say YOU ARE.]

  2. Hey lorenzo Ive been into mckenna and the psychedelic point of view for close to 5 years now I’ve learned so much about myself and history and how the world really works thru the work of terence. He’s honestly the most inspirational to me. I want to inform people like he did and get the message to people that really need it. I hope to one day become a speaker or writer. I had my first dmt experience a week or so ago which was pretty interesting. Hope you are doing well and staying high! I also hope to meet you one day. Hello from indiana!

  3. Hey Lorenzo,
    My name Steven, l have enjoying your podcast for several months. I attended a talk eariler tonight hosted by the Oregon psilocybin society. It took place in Hood River, Oregon on March 24 2018. The topic was getting psilocybin on the ballot in Oregon. I have an audio recording of the discussion and it’s informative and enjoyable. I think it would be perfect meteral for the saloon. I’m not sure how to sent it to you other than emailing.

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