Podcast 565 – “John Perry Barlow Tribute”


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Guest speakers: John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore, Cory Doctorow

John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow
Photo source: EFF.org


Date this lecture was recorded: November 17, 2006

Today we pay tribute to the late John Perry Barlow, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and an important leader in the struggle to keep the Internet free. In addition to John Perry’s remarks, we will also hear John Gilmore, another of the co-founders of EFF.org. One of the most important essays written by Barlow is his Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, and at the end of this podcast you will hear John Perry Barlow reading that declaration himself.

“If information is power, then the public needs to have more of it than the government, or the public will not be able to control the government.”
-John Gilmore

“I think the city-state is going to have the biggest Renaissance since the Renaissance.”
-John Perry Barlow


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John Perry Barlow Library

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
by John Perry Barlow

 Electronic Frontier Foundation


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