Podcast 559 – “Complexity and Meaning”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Terence & Finn McKennaPROGRAM NOTES:

Date this lecture was recorded: March 10, 1996

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna

“This synesthesia thing seems to be the direction in which language has to go in order to be universal. It has to be beheld, acoustical signals don’t do it.”

“No matter how abstract the meaning may be it ultimately is a feeling of recognition.”

“If you can somehow realize that the purpose of your existence is to figure it out, and then figure it out, you will be in some sense liberated from it.”

“The reason we are so controlled and abused and misused by our institutions is because we are divided from each other.”

“You cannot be a public figure and a practicing alchemist.”

“So if I disappear off the grid until 2005, I’ll be back for the last act, I’m sure, unless, of course fate drops the cosmic safe on my head. There’s always that.”

“Our real glory is our imagination, and we seem to be the creature with this relationship to the imagination. It is an attractor for us into the future.”

“Virtual reality is a place where the creativity, the staggering creativity, of psychedelics can actually find a home.”

“What is the designing of a drug but the building of a nano-machine?”

“Belief is toxic, all belief. Don’t believe in anything. Live in the presence of the felt fact of immediate experience, everything beyond that is conjecture.”

“In contemporary society we’re always in the past and in the future, but what is real are feelings. And feelings attain a nexus only in the moment, only in the moment. So explore the edges, keep your logical razors sharp, trust nothing that you haven’t verified for yourself. My faith is that the universe will take you in and share with you its meaning, and its intent, and its conclusion.”


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  1. I marvel at this shit. My brother in … I just had to go this way. Don’t you see all this is belong to a Sick vietnam chi ching eyes murderer. Hha.
    Ross can have his way. But what I just said I can’t realize. The issue is an mdma+master kush hit from the bong I still don’t fully accept as a truth I witnessed.
    And for the record if I were to -ina world of no institution- hack my leg with an axe I’d hack the other one too. You should look into Scandinavian folk lore and you should also realize that the ice-ages made northern scands so crazy that they just jumped of a high cliff in order to not be a burden.
    So what’s that got to do with an institution? Take my advice for 500k years – read the Bock saga – kilö yourself when you become a burden. Have some courage

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I have no idea what you are talking about.]

  2. Synchromystic is talking about the time-wave.. My life did go into a downward spiral in 2012. I’m still trying to recover. Stuff that happened was weird facial cramps while doing mantra-japa. It felt like my face was turning into a another face – perhaps the deities whose name I was meditating on.
    Pranayama and wheatgrass juice caused a huge exeem on my body. Now the smartphone is making suggestions about Leskinen who I listened to and followed at that time. He was dead already but I drank alcohol like a svine bc he sang about that.

    I started to have insane insights, voices and merciless dreams. I also started to get whacky sentences into my intuition and I loved them, wrote them down, wondering what is the meaning behind them. Or maybe they had meaning only for me. Sorry for my bad English. But those things didn’t make any sense they came in English and Finnish. Like I said I started drinking a lot and learned to just lay in the bed and listen to the emptiness from which came forth these miracles of poetry. No-one else thinks that way though.

    At that point I hadn’t had any drugs for 5-6 years. I hd only slept for 5 hours a day and done astanga-yoga. Reasons for writing this are:
    What happens To ear when you become annoying in someone else’s…
    Wednesday can give all the silent answers the way we want.
    This wouldn’t appeal to thinking styles I approved
    Decency precludes to always sweep discussion to a lucky, sillä mun opettaja on aina ottanut evään

    In some crazy sense I wished or still wish these things could take me closer to the self-transforming machine elves.. I’ve had some insane dream-states. Sleep deprivation + alcohol when pushed towards the edges take me into a really strange N,N-DMT oversensitivity and I notice when my brain turns my lamps out but consciousness watches “when sleeping, watch” -Terence McKenna
    The dream changes into what feels like REM in seconds and that is weird. I pull myself back to waking consciousness and a memory of the REM is there but impossible to describe. I kind of hoped these fucked up sentences could lead me towards understanding what it is in there. They may only be a sign that my self-expression through language is failing. But this ain’t channeling either…

    Carreer indicated for being a film

    It stabilizes the enterprise as a war-fare zone

    When realizing next to his bag a Buzzboard magazine
    People who attempt to do coral carrying of tank positions
    The strongest enemies win
    Attracting away from it

    Why are we doing it, every minute
    Don’t worry Dooriie here’s a new golden receit
    Wine in a bottle-they take that back

  3. No Johan Holmlund, I couldn’t say that I’ve ever been assaulted by a societal institution but I guess it depends on whether your definition of assault and my definition of it are the same. To be sure, I have had some disagreeable dealings with some societal institutions but most of them have helped me in very positive ways with my life. Like I mentioned in my original post, we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater especially when we all profit positively in one way or the other from the existence of most societal institutions. For instance, would you rather have the the benefits and access to a health system if you accidentally cut your foot off with an ax, or would you rather have a bag full of band aids to treat your malady? I’m guessing you’d choose the former. Until then Johan, naivete 🙂

  4. I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s relevant to this talk’s introduction.

    I know the timewave theory “came and went”. But what was never announced in 2012, was a close shave with a solar flare. This flare, in july 2012, was analysed as at LEAST as large as the Carrington Event.

    Earth was only a few days outside the direct path, and if it had hit us front on … it would have devastated electronics and communications across the globe, for years. Imagine how that would play out.

    So, Lorenzo, you can “seriously doubt” anything happened, but the data was there. Those that knew this happened at the time lost sleep you can be sure.
    And only 5 months off the prediction of Dec 21st, im sure there are a lot of zeros before the “%” when it comes to a margin of error!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for the info. My guess is that there are several other events like this that took place around that time. Collectively I guess we could say that some things of significance did take place back then.]

  5. Well Ross I believe you haven’t been assaulted by an institution. Until then naiveté.

  6. How is it even possible to believe or follow the Mckenna theories when he contradicts himself so much? Like, treating the environment with a light footprint but using plane travel which is a large contributor to environmental destruction. He did mention coming to terms with such a contradiction but never gave any practical solutions to this dilemma, let alone the fact that Mckenna treated his body with blatant disregard with regards to his pot smoking addiction whilst preaching the need for a cleaner environment.

    Mckenna’s assertion that institutions are toxic and antithetical to living a good human life border on falsehood as well. He neglects the fact that institutions and corporations are made up of individuals endowed with the same human foibles as the rest of us. Selfishness and the desire to look after number one first is an ingrained trait that all humans are born with. It’s what keeps us surviving and what can also lead us to our own potential destruction as a species. I think the systems in place are as good as it gets and to totally condemn our societal and cultural systems is folly and akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water. It’s impossible to eliminate culture altogether as what is used to replace a particular culture simply becomes another culture. If, from Mckenna’s perspective, all forms of culture are toxic, then there will always be toxicity in society because there will always be some form of culture.

    Human nature is always primary and culture is always secondary, I choose to believe. Hence, culture and society can’t be blamed totally for our existential predicaments. It’s a human problem stemming from human nature and until every one of us make the effort to cleans ourselves of our deeply ingrained negative traits, we will always be faced with one problem or the other. It’s called being in existence.

    That said, Terence Mckenna is one of the best speakers on metaphysical subjects that I’ve ever heard regardless of his lack of practical solutions to human problems. Had Terence been involved in politics and economics, I believe he could have sold oil to the Arabs with his bardic skills of persuasion. He was more of a story teller than a prophet or futurist but that’s what I love most about the bard.

    This particular Mckenna rant is the first one I’ve heard where he admits to being on anti depressant medication. Yet another Mckenna contradiction as he has stated in other rants that he was averse to drug synergies because of their potential negative effects. Throw in the mixing of cannabis with mushrooms and dmt and one is left wondering about the efficacy of his statements and proclamations.

  7. Hi the download mp3 button isn’t working

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed it now.]

  8. Thans you Lorenzo. Another McKenna, mindcandy to the max. There is no comparisson, still, unfortunately. One of a kind this bard. Best wishes. Jerry.

  9. He was following up on an intuition, not making a prophesy. Only missed it by one presidential term.

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