Podcast 551 – “Women in Cannabis”


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Guest speakers: Annie Oak and friends

Photo source: Fortune420.com

Photo source: Fortune420.com


Today’s podcast features a panel of distinguished women, all of whom are participating in various ways in the burgeoning new world of legal cannabis growing, distribution, and education. The panel assembled on the last evening in August at the 2017 Burning Man Festival, where they spoke in the Palenque Norte Lecture tent. You don’t have to be a woman to get a lot out of the information and experience of these amazing women entrepreneurs. Just give it a listen and you will understand what I mean.


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  1. Three comments in particular resonated with me from this podcast: 1) the rejection of disposable cannabis products by one of the panelists move away from hash vape pen company, 2) the desire to see more people having a direct relationship with the cannabis plant by growing it themselves, and 3) the negative impact intensive farming practices can have on land. Although cannabis preparations that require specialist equipment to manufacture (e.g. concentrates) may be required for some people to medicate themselves properly, I feel that many of the gadgets and preparations on the market are unnecessary and simply exist to make a more convenient consumer product that will yield more revenue. The oral ingestion of cannabis resin is one of the oldest and simplest ways of getting high, and arguably one of the most effective. The patience and attentiveness required to grow and nurture the plant yourself should be considered part of the cannabis experience too. In many ways I feel that decriminalisation for personal grows of a small number of plants as implemented in Spain and Switzerland is a more favourable model that legal recreational cannabis. But then again it is great that people can choose between buying and growing many US states, I just hope people see the value in being involved with as many stages of the growing and preparation as possible. Consumerism may well be the root of all evil…

  2. Hi,
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    Strange thing happened to me – I listened yesterday and now I almost feel that I wasted time. It’s nothing against the content but so sorry for myself.
    Why couldn’t I just be silent and suffer it would have been so much better. Now the prisoner who is doing life is a part of my effort to be happy in this world. Krishna says that kill all your will to live. I failed. I thought there was happiness in this world.

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