Podcast 539 – “Novelty and Technology”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

The Esalen Institute

Esalen – Big Sur, California


Date this lecture was recorded: August 11, 1998

“Novelty theory has always said as the universe ages it becomes more and more complicated. Period.” -Terence McKenna

In today’s podcast Terence McKenna talks about one of his most abiding interests, the increase of novelty/complexity in the universe. Along the way he also touches on psychedelics, the Esalen Institute, dark matter, and modern physics.


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  1. I have listened to over 400 psychedelic podcasts these past few years and I really feel dissapointed in you with the psychotic toddler comment at the end of the podcast. It really ended a great podcast on a bitter note and added nothing but hate. Are you going to get more or less listeners with polarizing comments like that?

  2. thank you for posting these Lorenzo, Terence is such a eloquent speaker. Really enjoying these seminars !!

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