Podcast 535 – “Salvia Divinorum and Other Plants”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

A Sequel to DreamLand


Date this lecture was recorded: August 6, 1998

Today’s podcast features an August 6, 1998 talk about Salvia Divinorum given by Terence McKenna at the Esalen Institute. In addition to many interesting facts that Terence presents about Salvia, he tells how Daniel Siebert became the first person to identify the active ingredient of the plant, which eventually led to its widespread use today. In addition to discussing Salvia, Terence also touches on: Ibogaine, magic mushrooms, psychedelic plants, Australia’s psychoactive plants, DMT, Greek mystery religions, Datura, LSD, War on Drugs, and language.

“I’ve not done the pure [salvinorin A] compound. It’s somewhat scary. One thing that’s scary about it is it creates a profound break with reality. The person who is intoxicated totally loses touch with this world, and unlike people on DMT, or ketamine, or some other short-acting psychoactive or dissociative, they won’t stay still. People tend to move around and be active, which is a real pain for the sitter. . . . The protocol for dealing with this is the ‘tie ’em to a tree’ protocol.” -Terence McKenna


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U.S. State Laws regarding Salvia Divinorum

Legal status of Salvia Divinorum worldwide

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  1. Listening to “philosophy with the gloves off” today, so i was heading over to podcast #81 when lo and behold, a new salvia themed podcast:) synchronicities abound:)
    Also have to comment about johns comment above. I just like that he said “i don’t want to confuse you anymore with the facts” then signs off “all the best to you” keep it classy John!;)
    Thanks for everything Lorenzo, finally able to support the salon soon. Thank you so much for everything:)

  2. Hey Lorenzo, in the intro to this you state that SD has been discussed at least 10 other times in the Salon. I cannot seem to find those podcasts. What are the titles of those talks where the plant is discussed?

    COMMENT by Lorenzo:
    1. Go to PsychedelicSalon.com
    2. Click the Podcasts link
    3. In the right sidebar the third item is Categories. Click the down arrow there.
    4. Scroll down past Events and People to where it says Plants & Chemicals. At the bottom of that list is Salvia. Click that link.

    That will bring you to: https://psychedelicsalon.com/category/plants-chemicals/salvia-divinorum/

    where you will find links to all of the podcasts in which salvia is mentioned. 🙂

  3. i cant download the mp3 for this podcast, the download fails everytime but I can
    download your previous podcast Salon2—1 without any problem. so wots up doc?
    thank you.

  4. Hi Lorenzo. I usually like to hear your pre program banter but this one was too full of emotional paranoia and misinformation from my perspective.

    Societies have always been ruled by the rich and powerful so these days aren’t any different in that respect. It’s the law of the jungle in that sense and don’t forget that we are animals too. Such a system has given many people a good chance of survival and prosperity regardless of the potential negative consequences of its implementation. At least with our form of government, we get a fighting chance compared to other forms of politics that have failed big time in other parts of the world. Sure, our system isn’t perfect but at least it has checks and balances in place to protect the ordinary Joe. Besides, we are all riffing off and benefiting from the ruling class in one way or the other. We are all members of the deep state! To assert that the ruling class are totally responsible for the injustices and problems of the world is an exaggeration, especially when it’s billions of people who are the ones who continue to over use natural resources and live unsustainable lifestyles. It’s billions of people who don’t take responsibility for the types of media they consume and who choose to swallow the crap that is advertised to them without using their powers of discernment and critical thinking. From the elites to the ordinary street person, we are all just as selfish as each other. It’s a human thing and doesn’t just apply only to one group of people. In that sense, a poor street person in this lifetime is potentially the next ruling oligarch in the next lifetime and I wonder how much of your world view is just sour grapes and envy.

    Your rap about personal privacy is way out of context as well. Our internet use is government monitored for the purpose of keeping the public safe from those who would harm us. You neglected to state that its big business and commercialism that is the biggest threat to our personal privacy. There is a commercial interest for companies using our privacy to sell on to third parties who we don’t know and who may well be the ones who harbor malicious intent towards us. Why would the government be interested in where someone shops, how they spend their money or what they eat apart from possible links to terrorism or crime? I think you’ve been reading too many distopian fiction novels dude. Besides, such personal information can be used for our own positive good in gathering health statistics etc in order to improve our systems of care. Your negative portrayal of this topic was unbalanced, full of emotion and skewing towards paranoia.

    I could go on but I don’t want to confuse you anymore with the facts. You’ve probably already made up your mind.

    Cheers Lorenzo, all the best to you.

  5. addon to my previous comment:

    I just tried the link at the top of the page and it worked!

    It’s only the link at the bottom that’s not working for me.
    The one where it says:
    PCs – Right click, select option
    Macs – Ctrl-Click, select option”


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for letting me know. I think that I’ve fixed it.]

  6. fyi: download link currently not working for me.

    When I click it it says: “Page not found
    We’re sorry, the page you have requested is not available.”
    When I download it, its only 35kb and it obviously doesn’t play.
    Hope it can be fixed soon so I can get my dose of Terence McKenna 🙂
    Cheers Lorenzo!

    – Lee

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