Podcast 529 – “Privacy & Free Speech in 2017”


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Guest speaker: John Gilmore

Francis Huxley

– – Francis Huxley 1923 – 2016 – – Photo: The Guardian


Date this lecture was recorded: August 2016

[NOTE: All quotations are by John Gilmore.]

“Don’t buy Apple products when they lock you into only using software that Apple approves of. It’s really straightforward. It’s like, don’t buy food that poisons you. Don’t buy from companies that try to control you.”

[In response to whether one can get their information back from Facebook.] “I don’t think there will be a way if you voluntarily hand over your data to a huge corporation that does not have your interest at heart. For you to get the data back, no, I don’t think there will be a way.”


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EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
HTTPS Everywhere

Francis Huxley obituary

Anthropologist fascinated by shamanism,
myths and religious rites
who strove to protect indigenous peoples.

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  1. ‘…Oysters are also creatures which conceal pearls within their shell. In this respect they symbolize true humility, the source of all spiritual perfection and, consequently, wise men and holy persons as well. They only open their shells to the sunlight, and pile up inner wealth which they carefully cover up so that it may not be profaned…’

    Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

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