Podcast 521 – “Risk Reduction – How You Can Help”


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Guest speakers: Annie Oak, Shannon Clare Petitt, and Rick Doblin

The Shulgin's 2006 Palenque Norte LecturePROGRAM NOTES:

In this 2016 Palenque Norte Lecture, Annie Oak, founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress, teaches how to use Naloxone to help a person who has had an opioid overdose. She is followed by Shannon Clare Petitt who tells us about some of the work being done by MAPS’ Zendo Project. Finally, we get to hear Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS, talk about how he first learned about MDMA and what his first experience with that substance was like.


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John Oliver Blasts Pharma’s Role in U.S. Opioid Epidemic:‘This Is Happening Everywhere’
“Some towns have been devastated,” Oliver warned.

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  1. Great episode! Thanks Lorenzo.

    I love the whole podcast, and especially the talk from Shannon Clare Petitt from the Zendo Project.
    The subject of harm reduction at festivals is very close to my heart, as I’ve been doing some volunteering with Kosmicare UK, which does similar work to the Zendo project at festivals in the British Isles; providing a safe space for people having difficult experiences, from full-blown psychedelic freak-outs to generally feeling emotionally vulnerable.

    I love Shannon’s comments that this kind of work is for everyone. While each person is responsible for themselves at one level, it’s all of our responsibility (and opportunity) to be holding safe spaces for each other, whether this be at festivals in high-intensity environments or just in normal life. A kindly, non-judgemental presence, and a bit of genuine listening goes a long way.

    Really glad to hear about the good work being done by the Zendo Project. Thanks people!

    p.s. thank you also for your comments chakra nr3, though I have no idea what you are talking about… Every ant matters, and so do you 🙂

  2. too bad you’re not a maniac – which is just a name of a disease – who needs these things. antagonists won’t do it, been down that road. I still hear massive hallucinations while down on alcohol, that’s the only psychoactive ingredient for me nowadays. And just for the record, I just got to know L.

    you know. if 20k ppl died, then how many got into a realm of
    every ant matters?
    How many did get into ..shtt

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