Podcast 519 – “Our Cyberspiritual Future” Part 5 – TimeWave


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Today we get to hear Terence McKenna’s lecture about his TimeWave hypothesis (it never became a true theory). This 1997 talk was given less than three years before Terence’s death and thus represents some of his latest thinking about this topic. He defines the TimeWave as a mathematical model of how the world works, as based upon the I Ching. Also, he clearly states that where the end point is set determines all of the other data points fall. However, in true Terence McKenna fashion he points out that even if he was 0.001% off, that gave him a range of 60,000 years in which his prediction would still be valid. He then goes on to discuss his correction to the Watkins objection that was discussed in podcast 472.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“We are involved in the most accelerated, asymptotic ascent into change, so far as we can tell, that the cosmos has ever known.”

“In the one sample we know of, biology has proven itself to be four times as enduring as the stars themselves.”

“I won’t defend it [the TimeWave] though. I’ve decided to get a life after 2012 no matter what happens.”


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  1. i know that some people write off McKenna’s timewave since nothing of real note happened in 2012 but if you follow exopolitical circles, the common theme going around is that the planet wasn’t ready for the shift so it had to be delayed.

    the supposed timeframe for the shift is slated to be somewhere between 2017-2023. at which point, a massive solar flare will erupt that’s expected to push forward the evolution of the planet.

    timelines are constantly getting shuffled around (causing the mandela effect and other glitches), so the reality that McKenna envisioned may have happened in a timeline separate from this one. ours is coming soon, fingers crossed.

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