Podcast 509 – “The Pharmacratic Inquisition”


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Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott

Paul Stamets, friend, Jonathan Ott, & Terence McKenna near the ruins at Palenque, Mexico 1996PROGRAM NOTES:

In today’s podcast Jonathan Ott unfolds a parade of history setting out the use and prohibition of psychedelic medicines throughout the course of human history. Although this talk was originally given at a 1996 entheobotany conference, it remains as current as if it were given yesterday. After Jonathan describes human uses of psychoactive plants stretching back into prehistory, he goes on to explain how what he calls “the overdeveloped world” has used religious morality to impose a pharmacratic inquisition that has essentially caused “the spiritual bankruptcy of our Western Civilization.”


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“Shamans are Technologists of Myth” -Lorenzo

The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries

Pharmacotheon: Entheogenic Drugs, Their Plant Sources and History

In the Dark Places of Wisdom by Peter Kingsley

Reality by Peter Kingsley

Peter Kingsley Interview – Western Civilization was intentionally created

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  1. Dear curator Lorenzo,

    Podcast 222: the civil war on drugs does not seem to be linked to Ott’s category archive. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you your business, but it is an informative lecture. Cheers

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for letting me know. I just fixed it.]

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