Podcast 506 – “One Of Us”


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Guest speaker: Sasha Shulgin

Sasha Shulgin drawing his "dirty pictures"PROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a talk given by Sasha Shulgin in 1996. In many ways this is a perfect Shulgin talk for a podcast because he didn’t use any photos or the chalkboard to assist in his presentation. This talk is also one of Sasha’s best presentations as for not just the chemistry but also for some of the personal stories he tells. Also, he clarifies the Urban Legend about LSD occurring in nature.

“I suddenly realized the fatuousness of people saying that ‘mescaline taught me this’, and I think the same, in a funny way, applies to plants, that ‘the plants taught me this.’ What it is, you use the plant, you use the compound as a facilitator, as a catalyst, to see within yourself what’s there. And I think this is the heart of psychedelic drugs.” Sasha Shulgin


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Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story
By Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin

Tihkal: The Continuation
By Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin

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  1. Sasha and the Shulgins as a couple are a beautiful example of lifelong growth and vitality through the use of their minds.

  2. Shulgin is an example of following one’s bliss leads to the score of a lifetime. What an amazing contribution to our species.

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