Podcast 502 – “Suspended Between Eternities”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“History is, in fact, the quenching and the withdrawal of this relationship of symbiosis to the rest of nature.”

“Hedonists are people who don’t take hallucinogens, to my mind, because it largely is very hard work. I mean it isn’t always hard work, but as a life, as a path, it’s extremely hard work.”

“The issue of psychedelics, of plant transformation, of losing the ego, is the most closely held facet of reality in a dominator society.”

“There is no rational way to save the world. Our only hope is a miracle. And the only place a miracle is going to come, so far as I can tell, is from psychedelics. That’s the only miracle in town.”

“I really think that the major political obligation upon all of us is to get more stoned. Take larger hits.”

“Most things in the world are hyped. Most things are over-sold and under-delivered, but in my experience sex, music, and psychedelics deliver. They are actually better than advertised.”


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  1. Greetings Lorenzo— You know I love you but I really don’t think it’s right for you to choose which parts of Terence’s talks we get to hear or not. Is the full archive of this talk available elsewhere? I am not merely interested in one idea or another of his, but *how* his description of things changed over time, questions from the audience, and so forth.

    It’s good of you to bring people to McKenna, but for those of us well aware of him, it’s not right for you stand between him and us. Also are all those unique archives backed up off site? The full tapes? After Esalen already disgraced themselves by allowing his library to burn, I would hate to see your good efforts sullied by another loss of archives.

    Many thanks,

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: It’s a hard call about cutting some things out, but my podcasts are about introducing Terence to an ever-widening audience. And if it turns into just an historical archive I think it might get a little boring. Ultimately, all of the tapes will be sent to Earth & Fire Erowid for safe keeping, archiving, etc.]

    • That’s fair enough in terms of your decision to cut where the goal is to introduce him to a larger group. I’m all for it for sure! (I’ve been there! Although I knew of Terence you certainly deepened my awareness at the right moment.)

      But for those of us that are already in, and *are* interested in the historical archive, is there a way to get access to the full recordings? I think this is particularly significant in those cases where you have tapes that really aren’t available anywhere else. Along the same lines, are the full recordings archived and safe yet?

      • Yes all terence mckennas talks are located on a torrent you can find on many websites on the internet. All with the original names. So you don’t have to wait for new ones to come out or be bombarded with unnecessary chatter.

  2. Lorenzo mentioned a psychedelic gathering in Berlin in September.. does anyone know where to find more info about this? 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Here is the link to the announcement:


    Also, this morning Dax posted this under that topic on the forums: “We’ve gotten a surprising bit of interest so far, so I’ll probably set up a website in the next week or so with more information and at least a way to sign up for email updates. When that happens I’ll also add the link here for anyone who’d like to signup for updates.”

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