Podcast 500 – “500 Memories”


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Guest speakers: Timothy Leary, Myron Stolaroff, Gary Fisher, Fraser Clark, Terence McKenna, & Sasha Shulgin

Lorenzo HagertyPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a retrospective of some of the highlights of podcasts with several of the elders who are no longer with us. These clips include talks by Timothy Leary, Myron Stolaroff, Gary Fisher, Fraser Clark, Terence McKenna, and Sasha Shulgin. Interspersed with these clips Lorenzo tells a few stories of his own.


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  1. Such a sweet episode!
    Congrats and for many more to come! Glad to hear the Be Well My Friend greeting has been back for a few episodes 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks to you and several others who like “be well”, that will be my permanent ending to the podcasts from now on. Thanks for letting me know that you liked it.]

  2. All that psychedelic usage and stories but still America/the world heads down the toilet. How on Earth has psychedelic use helped our Country in any positive way?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Well, for one thing it has been a major contributor to the development of the personal computer and the Internet. It has also led to the discovery of genome sequencing and DNA among many other important discoveries. And in my own case it led me away from being a Republican and a Catholic. You obviously are looking for psychedelics to bring world peace in a very short time. Let’s give it another few centuries and see what happens.]

  3. One day at lunch break during a discussion about the magic of mushrooms, a guy at work (who had never even taken psychedelics) pointed me towards this podcast which showed how deep the rabbit hole truly can go. How interesting that a journey begun as a random curiousity in middle school would be one to explore for the rest of my life?

    Thanks to that co-worker and many thanks especially to you Lorenzo for paving the psychonaut’s path with your efforts all these years!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: And thanks for telling that story. It makes me feel great to hear things like that. Press On!]

  4. Congratulations and well done on the 500 milestone !
    One day your name will appear in the ‘credits’ as a preserver of information & knowledge.
    – hopefully not soon though 🙂

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