Podcast 499 – “PSYCHEology: Psychedelics and the Soul”


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Guest speaker: Neal Goldsmith


Psychedelic Healing by Neal Goldsmith[NOTE: All quotations are by Neal Goldsmith.]

“Personality is a strategy devised by a two year old.”

“Parenting is like that. You don’t want to be directing your child. You want to be more like a forest ranger than a farmer, making sure that if lightening strikes and there’s fires you go put it out. But other than than you let the bramble grow, beautifully, and wholly, and healthfully.”

“If you have a psychedelic experience, then your meditation practice is illuminated, and understood better, and aerated, if you will, conceptually aerated. You see it more clearly. It’s not as musty, and the two go together, because mediation without psychedelics is kind of blind, but psychedelics without meditation is rootless.”

“Ritual instantiates what works.”

“Spirituality is not some big supernatural thing. It’s just the advanced stage of normal human development.”

“Psychedelics and meditation go together.”


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Psychedelic Healing:
The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development
By Neal M. Goldsmith

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