Podcast 496 – “Something a Little Different”


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Guest speaker: Bruce Damer

Bruce Damer and the Faye Steen House Band in MelbournePROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a series of raps by Bruce Damer who is backed up by the Faye Steen House Band led by: Joe Oppenheimer on loops, FX, and acoustic, with Darcy Davis on keys, and Aengus Donald on percussion. The recording was made in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. This is followed by Lorenzo giving a few of his thoughts about the state of the world today and a way in which alchemy may be applied to heal it.


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Alien Dreamtime
Directed by Ken Adams

Boss Drum

An army of none: The U.S. military is more powerful, less accountable and more dangerous than ever before

A World War Has Begun – Break The Silence

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  1. Thanks Splanc and thanks Free! One time in Peru I saw what later I discovered what was a jungle version of Indra’s net, so perhaps Madre is a jungle version of Sophia and it is all woven together?

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