Podcast 487 – “Mainstreaming Psychedelics”


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Guest speaker: Rick Doblin


[NOTE: All quotations are by Rick Doblin.]

We need to move to a post-prohibition world.”

The spiritual/mystical experience has profound implications of the kind that we need now.”

Not in our studies only, but world wide there have now been over 1,100 people who have taken pure MDMA in research since the early ’90s. And there’s never been anybody who overheated and died. . . . We’ve never had anybody overheat. We’ve never had anybody have a heart attack. We’ve never had anybody have a mental breakdown. So we’ve shown in a clinical setting MDMA can be administered safely.”

We are currently estimating that MDMA will be a prescription medicine in 2021.”


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The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Lorenzo’s Interview on the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast

Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate (video)

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  1. And there’s never been anybody who overheated and died. . . . We’ve never had anybody overheat. We’ve never had anybody have a heart attack. We’ve never had anybody have a mental breakdown. Where is this information?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Contact Rick Doblin at MAPS.org.]

  2. when he mention Rockefeller being sensitive… well, i stopped listening.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Maybe you should try a little MDMA . . . it most definitely will open your mind to be able to listen to all points of view. And the Rockefeller that Rick mentioned has donated a significant amount of money to the research that is now being used to treat veterans who are suffering from PTSD. . . . It is never wise to cut off your nose just to spite your face.]

    • Yes, but Lorenzo – don’t these soldiers all have PTSD to begin with on account of fighting and killing for international American geo-political interests, which ultimately when you chase down the rabbit-hole far enough, leads back to these Rockefeller types that privately own the Federal Reserve and created catastrophic debt out of thin air that had to be repaid in blood?

      If someone saws off your leg, do we keep an open mind toward them just because they handed us an expensive band-aid afterward? I’m all for keeping an open mind and listening to all points of view, but there are some ills in this world against which an open mind will ultimately do more harm than good. As the great Manly P. Hall once said “compromise makes us one with the grand mistakes of mankind” – or better yet, as the great bard said “you don’t want your mind to be so open you can hear the wind whistling through your ears.”

      These are my thoughts on the matter, I’d be interested in seeing what you think, being older and wiser, and having served in the Navy yourself. I wouldn’t dismiss a talk because Rick mentions he’s getting funding from Rockefeller money, but it definitely puts up red flags as to what their [Rockefeller’s, not Doblin’s] motives are in funding such a campaign to begin with (not to get overly tin-foil hatty).

      [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I agree that many members of the Rockefeller family have done horrible misdeeds. But I also don’t think that everyone in that very large family is equally guilty. If you want to completely reject them all, then do you also reject Bill Gates and the horrible things that his foundation is doing? And how about the Google kids and that Facebook kid and all of the other billionaires on the planet? And while I agree with Bernie Sanders that the Federal Reserve needs to be nationalized, I sincerely doubt that it is only the Rockefeller family that is behind it. If people want to attack John D. Rockefeller then I’m right with them, but let’s add Andrew Mellon, the Vanderbilt family, and for sure the Kochs, the Bush family, and the political almost-billionaires like the Clinton family. While it may be true that every family has its bad apple and some families have more than one bad apple, doesn’t it also follow that there may be one or two good apples in a family as well? I’m not trying to defend the Rockefellers, but I am saying that perhaps we should judge each member of a family on what THEY have done and not on what their ancestors have done. . . . And thanks for your level-headed comment here. At least you had the courage to listen to Rick’s talk after the mention of a Rockefeller. . . . One last thing: I’m old, but the older I get the less wise I seem to be :-). You are doing a good job of thinking for yourself. Keep it up!]

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