Podcast 485 – “The Ideas Remain”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Today’s podcast begins with Terence talking about the elephant in the ayahuasca room: purging, puking, barfing, vomiting or whatever you want to call it. Fortunately he moves on and speculates that the human break with nature came about due to a change in the climate. And he ends this part of the workshop talking about the dire state of affairs on the planet on that February day in 1991 as the First Gulf War was raging. Two of my favorite quotes from this talk are: “The modern nuclear family, and I’ve got one I know whereof I speak, is just a cauldron for neurosis. It makes impossible demands on everybody involved.” . . . and “The way you prove your worthiness is by not wrecking your home planet. You can’t join the galactic club if you wreck your home planet. They withdraw your membership application.”


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    • “Is Donald Trump a pig?” @ 1:06:55

      [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. Interestingly, Terence said that 25 years ago! Some things never change.]

  1. Great Geebus! The very fact that Terence is using his own contribution as a consideration for our global responsibility (within our place in History), is the very issue here. Most people are so curbed to perceive their purchasing choices at Sam’s Club or Walmart as their ultimate plan for a societal hierarchical positioning: that is the real problem. Those masses are trying to find the most benefit for the least input, period. They don’t care who was shortchanged, or who had to die for their products having the lowest price, martyred for their gain with the least input. A female in the interview 50:17 was poignant to issue her discouragement to Terence’s perception. We have a disposable concept of the future based upon consumerist commonplace since Capitalism is the art of the profit-driven investor. The Divine feminine perspective is a minority: shadowed by the stratigraphic Patriarch. Capitalist power; gentrified by the product placement and consumerist assimilation, is King. This is driven by the Force of media generated through a lobbying effort, and has no relationship to the survival of a species, period. Terence has a grasp of consequences which are not only apart from the Consumerist agenda, his ideology is alien to the notion that we have a future apart from the new i-phone benefits. There is a line formed to purchase the latest/greatest i-phone, and a minimalist partition of the populace who determine that materialism plots growth constraint for the greater good. We, as a people, are baseline Consumerists. The idea of responsibility falls on Representation and stops with personal accountability. Social responsibility is exactly that: all talk. People who are not ants, who are inclined only to their own benefit, have no concept of the greater good: this is popularized through social channels and representation-based propaganda. An example: if ‘we the people’ were conscious that our tax dollars are subject to 3rd-world infrastructure destruction only with the intention to gain dividends for the pension / 401 k / market index benefits, paid to those who are privileged: ‘we’ the people would NOT have it. However, in an age of deceptive media campaigns which paint a totally whitewashed agenda: the greater good ends at the boundary of personal property. How to hold people personally responsible for their economic/social/political repercussions is the entire point here, yet the elephant in the room in Terence’s talk. Responsible: means their parents, or institutions who issue to them credit, who are incapable of compassion; have the upper hand at the protocol. Thus, there is no empathy for the third world or the ecology. ‘The People’ are a sheeple, led to slaughter by banks and media conglomerates. This is why our Capitalist persuasion is yet a boom for profiteers: and compliance through apathy and Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” are the lay of the land.

  2. Lorenzo i love your podcast ……I’m computer illiterate is it possible to make a link to the forum you spoke of……I whole heartedly agree with you that discussions are the mother of idea and the key to create change thanks again

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: 🙂 . . . Take a look at the menu at the top of this page. Then click the link that says Forums.]

  3. Awwwww Love…love…love….so glad we are still setting the world on fire….lol…always so fun in your salon…xxoo

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