Podcast 484 – “This is the Mushroom’s Program”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Magic Mushroom Growers' Guide by Terence & Dennis McKennaPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

I don’t think you are going to spend very long involved with these things at a deep level without scaring your socks off eventually. One of the great things about these psychedelic teachers is that they are so gentle with beginners. And then the flip side of that coin is they are so unforgiving with veterans.”

You see, I just don’t feel the force of this argument that you should be able to do it on your own. Why should you be able to do it on your own? How about that you can’t do it yourself unless humble yourself to cut a deal with a plant? That seems more logical to me.”


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  1. This is a gr8 talk. 6 years after TM’s final shroomery, he delivers tales of woe. Myron Stoloroff had HEAVY dawns to his experiences. And, Myron was very experienced. But, he persevered with the psychedelic path and meditation. Thank you, Myron.

  2. My friend had never heard of Terence, i recommended this podcast for him to start.

    He was very very impressed, this is a goody.

  3. Dear Lorenzo, thank you for this podcast. Which workshop of his this one belongs to? Is there a transcript for this one? I want to know more about this DNA staff he is referring to, but can’t quite catch it (sorry, I am not a native English speaker).

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: The tape just says February 1991. As far as I know there is no transcript … sorry.]

  4. Great stuff as usual ….I just wish the laws on spore shipping in CA were different I’m so out of the loop no social life anymore I have no source ……thank you lorenzo the k forward to a great year of your cast ….

  5. Terence’s work on spreading the knowledge of how to propagate the mushroom at home sure has helped a lot of people over the years. We give Terence a lot of credit for a lot of things but this seems to be generally overlooked and to me is the most important. There has been many books published since on the matter and now the Internet and sites like the shroomery have taken over but let us not forget that it was Terence that first opened the door. Thank you Terence for giving me the knowledge needed to afford to put my children through school

  6. Last week I was all like “oh no not another Terence McKenna talk!” But actually this was a really good listen, cheers Lorenzo, out there in pscyberdelicspace!

  7. What’s the back story on all the hundreds of hours of McKenna talks saved to tape?? The audio is really pretty decent on most of them. (likely thanks to some behind the scenes work by Lorenzo.. kudos). Was he making the tapes himself to archive/sell within the orbit of the weekend “seminar” crowd, or was this more a manifestation of the spirit of weird.. that motivational force that drive folks to record every single Grateful Dead show, etc.

    Just curious. Wasn’t in those circles back then & wondered who had the forethought to mic him up pretty well in order to snatch a swath or of his Irish gift of gab.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: For one thing, Terence was like the Dead and let everyone record his talks and pass them around. That’s the source of many of them. But Terence gave credit to Paul Herbert for propelling his talks out to a wider audience. At the time, Paul was living at Esalen when Terence spoke there and had a small recording setup that he used to capture much of Terence’s work and essentially sell the tapes to the participants essentially at cost.]

  8. Always happy to hear some McKenna. Lorenzo, I was hoping you could point me in the direction of that album of music meshed with quotes from the bard. I know I heard a piece of one of the songs at the end of a recent podcast, but can’t remember which one. Thanks!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I posted such an album on our forums. Just sign up for free as a student and then go to

    Journey Through The Spheres

    where you can download the entire album.]

  9. Amazing talk lorenzo. Ive been listening to these for about five years now but this is my first comment. Ill try to write to you more. You’ve really helped me learn.
    Thankyou friend.
    Peace and love.

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