Podcast 453 – “Palenque Norte Tribute to Sasha Shulgin”


Guest speakers: George Greer, John Gilmore, Rick Doblin, Annie Oak


Today’s podcast features the tributes to Sasha Shulgin that were made at the Palenque Norte lectures during the 2014 Burning Man Festival. In addition to comments from the audience, we hear from Dr. George Greer (MDMA Researcher and Co-founder of the Heffter Research Institute), Rick Doblin PhD (President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), John Gilmore (Co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and Annie Oak (Co-founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress).


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Sasha Shulgin's Laboratory

The Shulgin Research Institute


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  1. You’re such a blessing of a messenger Lorenzo, and i cannot thank you enough for your continued work in bringing the Truth to the masses. We need you now more than ever.
    Bless you for sharing this ( *any and All ) Shulgin tribute,…
    Its been a fast, but full year and its hard to believe how fast time flies,…You and I both know what time can do to a legacy, to a memory, and to a man, so again…thank you and bless you for sharing this talk… Sasha was close to all our hearts and playfully present in all our minds… May his legacy continue!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this tribute to Sasha. He inspired many of my generation to become organic/medicinal chemists. Although few are working with psychedelics due to the legalities involved, most try to bring the “Sasha spirit” to their area of focus. Of all the individuals discussed on the Salon, Sasha remains the most inspiring to me.

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