Podcast 447 – “Manifesting New Communities”


Guest speakers: La Laurien & Shonagh Home

La and LorenzoPROGRAM NOTES:

In this wide-ranging conversation between two experienced medicine women, in addition to talking about shamanism and psychedelic medicines, such as magic mushrooms, MDMA, LSD, and others, they also venture into such diverse areas as aliens and language. Most importantly, they talk about Atlan, which was co-founded by La Laurien. Atlan is a living and learning ecovillage dedicated to the artful co-creation of healthy living systems celebrating the connectedness and diversity of all Life. The village is located in the Columbia River Gorge.


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MIRRORACLE (La Laurien’s Web site)

The 2007 Palenque Norte Lectures (video)

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  1. Dear Joseph,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Please know that these offerings were conceived in the spirit of an informal conversation and not a strict interview. The earlier conversations began with Nese, Lily Kay and myself and were intended to branch out to more of the same with as many women as would talk to us. I am already envisioning another conversation with La in the near future and hopefully held within Atlan itself. That said, I am grateful for your feedback and will steer this little endeavor toward a more formal interview format in the future.
    Many thanks, Shonagh

  2. This is intended as friendly honesty, not a put down. Shonagh is talking to very interesting people and brings many good questions. Where there is room for improvement has to do with the nature of interviews. I realize there is room for conversation in these recordings and 2 lively minds can spark a special dynamic, but I also do believe the art of interviewing involves a lot of getting out of the way. I just encourage Shonagh to trust the power of good questions and the interesting people she talks with a bit more. Trust the magic, listen closely and openly, don’t be afraid to direct the ideas, but then step back and let the person you are speaking with be the focus. Any way my 2 cents offered with respect.

  3. I am the wanderer in the forest of light. When i lay back and sleep at night i forget that I’m all the light. Each personality unfolding as its own not realizing each is just one all alone. As i dream i am sister brother father mother i am tree i am sea all that is i am as i sleep. I am god with multi personality disorder, a gift of perfect order.

  4. Stimulating conversation between two highly intelligent, well informed and experienced medicine women. Thank you for the all the conscious work you ladies have done around language, linguistics, shadow work and raising the vibration of your being and the planet. A real pleasure! Would love to visit Atlan.

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