Podcast 443 – “The Legendary Venice Salon”


Guest speaker: Kathleen Wirt

Poster: Bicycle Day 2015PROGRAM NOTES:

Today we feature a talk given by Kathleen Wirt, the hostess of the legendary salon that took place in Venice, California. While the stories Kathleen tells are of interest from an historical point of view, they are also very informative for anyone who is also interested in starting a salon in their area. Kathleen’s talk was given at the inaugural session of the Aware Project Salon, which has picked up the torch and is carrying this work to a new generation. You may know about Leary and McKenna, but if you don’t know about Kathleen’s Venice Salon you only have part of the historical story.


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Psychedelic Awareness Salon with Kathleen
(Video Jan 2015)

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  1. Just to Clarify:

    Dr Hofmann recounts the discovery of the effect of LSD in his book ‘My Problem Child’ where he actually has the first ever trip on 4/16 — this is the “accidental” or “discovery” dose. He’s so intrigued by the effect (as any great & genuine scientist would be) that he plans for and takes a 0.25mg dose on 4/19 (at 16:20 by the way) — this is the “self-experiment” dose that is so famous.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in these topics.

    For me, 4/19 every year is a holiday (holy day).

    Peace, CL

  2. This left me in nostalgic ecstasy. My most profound evenings
    relived. My late best friend Ed Jaffe mentioned by name among
    our greatest psychedelic luminaries. Too wonderful.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: And YOU are one of the people who come to my mind when I recall those evenings. It’s good to hear from you.]

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