Podcast 438 – Annual Fund Drive & Book Announcement


Guest speaker: Lorenzo







It has been one year since our last fund raising effort, which means that the time has come once again to see if there is enough support for these podcasts to keep them going for another year. As I did last year, I will update the graphic that you see here to display the progress of our campaign.
This year, in the way of saying thank you for your donation, everyone will receive the same gift, no matter the size of your donation. And that gift coincides with the announcement of a new edition of my psychedelic novel, The Genesis Generation. Not only is this edition being published in paperback, the final chapter has been rewritten to close up the loose ends that were originally planned on being revealed in the opening chapters of the next planned (but as yet unpublished) volume in the series. This new edition will be available on Amazon, and in bookstores, of course. However, everyone who makes a donation to this year’s Psychedelic Salon pledge drive will receive, via email, a printable PDF file of the complete book.

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  1. Glad i had some money in my paypal when i did. Thanks for doing everything you do. the salon has played a pivotal role in my own personal growth. Many hours ive spent painting, listening to your podcasts.

    thanks again!

  2. Figured I’d put in one more donation since we are so close to getting a full year funded. Just doing want I can to try to keep the salon going, so that it can touch other’s lives the way it’s touched mine.

  3. Hope this helps going a little way to support your excellent podcast.
    Your efforts are highly appreciated.
    Nick C
    (from bitcoin address ending KF8)

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for that very generous donation. I’ve also sent you an email thanks and will send one to the other Bitcoin donors, too, if they let me know who they are :-).]

  4. Lorenzo I love your podcast! add Bitcoin address so I can contribute 🙂 love and light

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . I finally got one posted on the donations page. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. I’ve been listening to the salon for a little under a year now but it truly is a great show to listen too. It’s great to know it’s been around for almost 10 years! Keep up the awesome work!! You should receive a check in the mail next week 🙂

  6. Lorenzo. I am very much looking forward to donating but am waiting until the bit coin option is available as I am anxious to use it for the first time and am hoping to do so here at the salon. Thanks for the podcast it is my favorite.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . I finally got one posted on the donations page. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Lorenzo,

    Thanks so much for your work. I am a recent admirer, having discovered the Salon in the past year. I have reason to take long flights, and take the Salon with me. For this I have much gratitude. Hope to meet you in 2015


  8. Hail travelers! There is hope chasing the mystery of life desptite the dence reply- “Get back to REALITY!” Seek nuggets of funny ideas, follow your personal interest and surely it will lead you here and beyond. The salon is goldmine of ideas. Keep only gold and possibly sort. Novelty infinite so trust yourself & march forth.
    LUV you Lorenzo, i know money’s power to the world butt power to me is spreding the word. I owe you both in higher sums i cannot produce.

  9. I’m looking forward to donating with bitcoin too. Here’s to 10 more years!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . I finally got one posted on the donations page. Thanks for reminding me.

  10. I love Terence McKenna (keep’em coming!), but I also love and appreciate the effort to bring new (female) voices into the discussion. Keep doing what you are doing and know that it means a lot to some of us who feel like we are on deserted islands of dominator culture. Here’s to another great year in the salon!

  11. Hi Lorenzo.. Will i be able to donate Bitcoin? I haven’t noticed any refernce to this as an option for donation.

    Thanks for all your work on the salon. It’s hrd to convey the impact it has had on me.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Yes, but I haven’t had a chance to get that posted yet. I’ll get to it later this week, hopefully. Thanks for thinking about it!]

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . I finally got one posted on the donations page. Thanks for reminding me.

  12. 10 years of awesome work. We really appreciate it Lorenzo. I’ll make a donation next week! Hugs from Sweden

  13. Happy to support one of the BEST podcasts on the net. Love your work, Lorenzo! Cheers mate

  14. You said there would be a means to donate using Bitcoin? It would save a mint in currency conversion and payment charges….

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I’ll be posting Bitcoin payment information in a few days. I’ve run into a little snag in formatting my book for Kindle. Once I solve that problem I’ll get to the Bitcoin address. And Thank You for reminding me . . . I actually forgot :-).]

  15. I’m happy to do my part in supporting this excellent podcast.
    I recommended it to some friends in the UK over facebook, and I just made a donation.

    In addition to the great taks, I like the introductions and wrapups that Lorenzo narrates in the podcast!

  16. I’ve only been with the Salon for about a year but you have helped open my mind a great deal.
    It has been a pleasure to donate and I look forward to another 10 years.

    Thank you.

  17. Lorenzo, 10 years of the Salon? That’s amazing! Thanks for all you do for our community!

  18. Not a huge donation.
    I am extremely grateful for all your efforts 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: ALL donations are HUGE!]

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