Podcast 437 – “Integrating Sexuality & Spirituality”


Guest speakers: Yalila Espinoza & Shonagh Home

Yalila EspinozaPROGRAM NOTES:

Today we feature a conversation about psychedelics, sexuality, and the dark side of ayahuasca tourism. The conversation is between two highly experienced medicine women, Shonagh Home and Yalila Espinoza, Ph.D. Yalila’s Ph.D. studies and diverse training in Integrating Sexuality & Spirituality have inspired her to create the Spiritual Erotic Awakening model ~ body centered practices that supports your connection with joy and sensual pleasure. She offers private coaching sessions, on-line IRIS training and a 7 wk ‘MIND YOUR HEART’ program that taps into your brilliant mind and activates heart centered creativity.


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More info can be found at at yalila.com.

Shonagh Home
is a teacher, shamanic practitioner, and the author of
‘Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine,’
Love and Spirit Medicine,’
and the upcoming, ‘Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissae Speaks.’

Website: www.shonaghhome.com
Contact: shonagh.home (at) comcast (dot) net

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  1. Excellent talk. I’ve been reading the wonderful book Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience, which was recommended in another podcast and so found this podcast today thinking that it would be topically related. It was great then to hear the podcast open with a direct quote from the book!

    Then it was a pleasant surprise to listen to your interview: http://www.healthandwellnessencinitas.com/2015/01/01/history-and-future-of-cannabis-and-psychedelics-in-medicine/

    You mentioned in it that the Salon started in 2005, which was really surprising, because that means that I started listening to the Salon in it’s first year so I feel like an old vet now. 🙂 Mentioned in the talk was about things changing one’s life and I can definitely say that few things changed the course of my own life than the Salon and in a very positive and interesting way. What a long strange trip it’s been… Thanks Lorenzo!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: 🙂 ]

  2. just love these kind of interviews it confirm so much, I’m a man and i have experienced many time sexuality via mushrooms as a healing material, the last i was actually receiving female orgasme for hours and as a man it was fascinating to feel the difference i also gave birth i was taking care by a group of women and believe it was guided by oshun who i met one of my journey .

  3. Looking for links to your interviews mentioned in the podcast.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Sorry about that. I just posted them.]

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