Podcast 427 – “Stand Up And Be Counted!”


Guest speakers: Lorenzo Hagerty & Chris Hedges

Rainbow Love by HayleePROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Chris Hedges.]

“I think when we speak today about American values what we’re really speaking about are corporate-instilled values.”

“When you spend over a decade brutalizing people, people become brutal.”

“You can’t use the word ‘liberty’ when your government watches you 24 hours a day. That’s the relationship of a master and a slave.”

“There is no difference between a night raid in Oakland and a night raid in Falluja . . . none!”


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Hedges v. Obama

U.S. Drones kill more people than ISIS: Chris Hedges

A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Industrial Workers of the World A Union For All Workers


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  1. I absolutely love your McKenna podcasts (PLEASE PLEASE continue finding them and podcasting them!!) – but this podcast 427 with Chris Hedges is probably one of (for me) the BEST podcasts you have ever given the world.

    Thank you!!

  2. Lorenzo,
    Thank you for an amazing podcast. I think you’re crossed the line and are now a journalist.
    All the best,

  3. How to become associate of idiotism? You would give up idiotism.
    This is more than what Mckenna meant when he said about intellectual maturity, that you’d have to keep two contradictory statements in your mind at the same time.

    This reason is because you have to understand – there is no idiotism. But how can you give it up – it’s in your mind but it’s idiotism so how can you recognize it

  4. Thank you so much for posting this talk Lorenzo. Sometimes its hard to know where to start when there’s a gargantuan problem to be solved. Its even harder when most of the people you know don’t even acknowledge that we live in an Oligarchy. I’

    You have been such a catalyst for change in my life. Thank you for disseminating vital information like the talk above. Thank you for archiving the Tribe’s history and knowledge. Thank you for starting the Lectures at Palenque Norte.

    Just two years ago I was a college grad with a shiny degree working as a nanny. Doing absolutely diddly squat with my life. I had no clue how to help the world avoid what still seems to be an imminent demise.

    Today I registered to take the GRE and I intend to go to grad school to study the effects of psilocybin on the epigenetics of the prefrontal cortex as well as its effects on cognition and learning (post trip obviously :P)

    Its your podcast that sparked my interest in psychedelics. I had never tried so much as a pot brownie before I found the Salon. Its this podcast that introduced me to the researchers doing exciting work with psychedelics and inspired me to work towards a world with a more balanced, integrated and productive approach to plant medicines.

    Someday, a doctors office or pharmacy will call to remind you to schedule your monthly session at your local (and hopefully groovy)Psychedelic healing center.

    And I want to be part of the movement that makes that possible.

    “This is a society, a world, a planet dying because there is not enough consciousness, because there is not enough awareness, enough coordination of intent-to-problem. And yet, we spend vast amounts of money stigmatizing people and substances that are part of this effort to expand consciousness, see things in different ways, unleash creativity. Isn’t it perfectly clear that business as usual is a bullet through the head?”
    – Terence McKenna

    Thank you Lorenzo!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: And thank you, MJ, you just made my time doing all these podcasts more that worthwhile for me . . . you and others as well, I should add. Plus, it’s fun doing them :-).]

  5. Sad to see things are still the same but nice to know it is nothing new. We are stuck in this circle of historical chaos but with the power of instant communication everyone is realizing we have been programmed from birth and once you realize it is are programming than it can be rewritten.

  6. This is old news. We struggled and sometimes died in the
    streets trying to end war and make social change. We joined
    the revolutionary communist party. Violent revolution does
    not make things better. Valuing money over human life is the
    root problem. Generate new mediums of exchange, alternate
    currencies, barter, whatever works. Without money there
    is no exploitation.

  7. Fukn rights.
    A message fit to be shared with everyone.
    The point about how the nazis twisting the law to accomodate attrocities and the correlation of americas mirrorng behavior is beautifully apt. A gem from a gem of a talk.
    I recently watched century of self a woderfully informative documentary if u read this and have not seen it please check it out. It speaks to the state of western society.
    Thx lorenzo

  8. Powerful, powerful talk. Thank you so much, Lorenzo, for sharing that. Where was the recording of the talk from?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Santa Cruz, November 23, 2014 (I think).]

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