Podcast 422 – “Visualizing the Psychedelic Experience”


Guest speaker: Niles Heckman


[NOTE: All quotations are by Niles Heckman.]

“The visual component of the psychedelic experience is for the most part the final frontier for what computer graphics still have yet to replicate faithfully.”

“Art isn’t really important unless it helps you grow in creating it, or it helps others grow through its consumption.”

“Computer graphics are, and will continue to be, the tool used to visualize what is essentially unlanguageable.”

“It’s really fascinating that indigenous people have essentially been uploading themselves to much more advanced organic realms for potentially thousands of years, if not more, seeing imagery that’s much more complex than what you can see in a Hollywood summer blockbuster today.”

“Psychedelic experiences, whether real or future replicated, if done responsibly, aren’t negative escapism but could be a true awakening process for more people, because we are not human beings that can have spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.”

“Ambitions are competitive, aspirations are not. Aspirations take nothing from anyone else and injure no one else and allow you as a sovereign individual to grow, because that’s why we’re all here.”


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Post-Burning Man companion interview with Rak Razam and Niles Heckmen for his podcast “In A Perfect World.”

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  1. Do you really think there is any way to graphically map the content of a simple meditation experience. If you done sychodelic’s and you still think @ordinary level when you loose control. You don’t do meditation right.

    You have to understand this^^
    Concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana) are requires to be mastered.

    So if you have serious illness or such distractive condition you dont use more mushroom.
    You correct body error and travel home after that it can be long trip.
    After you think you ddon’t identify with your own thought. The sychodelic mystery can be experienced every day without amphetamine . No seriously.

    Your mundane point of view really makes this a weak message.
    Ready to answer any answers and q:ss

  2. It is music to my ears to listen to Niles talk about visual affects using our mother marry, i have gained psychedelic affects using my didgeridoo and through the use of gloselaya the mind is such an amazing tool. My first encounter with canabis at the age of twelve was extremely psychedelic through my twenties it was a way to escape and now in my thirties it one of my guides and i feel her spirit flowing through my spirit with my other plant guides we are one happy family. Thank you Niles for this great talk

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