Podcast 421 – “Personal Implications of a DMT Flash”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Chemical Warfare by James KetchumPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“The world is magic, not a little bit, one hundred percent. Every atom from one end of this cosmos to the other is magic, magic, magic.”

“Fate has chosen you to hear about [DMT]. . . . If you now go ahead and live in your mundane, stock portfolio, BMW existence, it’s because you’re making a choice.”

“To go from birth to the grave without ever encountering DMT is to my mind like going from birth to the grave without ever having a sexual experience. It means you skated through life. You never got it!”

“We’re accepting a kind of society where millions and millions of people have very simple thoughts and spend all their time in a larval state imbibing manufactured data streams that come to them over the boob tube. This is not a pretty picture, actually. I mean these people are not entirely human beings.”

[A shaman] “is a creature of the Interzone. And this is the power of shaman, that they can come and go from the Interzone.”

“I think that culture is the program within the monkey species that is an attempt to make language visible.”

“At the operational level, what virtual reality is is it’s a way of showing somebody the inside of your mind.”

“People didn’t know what an ego trip was until they took LSD [in the Sixties]. There was no word in the language for that.”

“Psychedelics are like the quintessential essence of this aesthetic of the weird. Once you get to psychedelics it’s like you’ve hit the main vein of weird.”


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Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten by MD James S. Ketchum

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    Desire: Daniel Pinchbeck talk
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  2. For several years leading up to 2012, I listened to Terence speak about the topic of the coming winter solstice of 2012, repeatedly, in his talks that have been archived on the Psychedelic Salon podcast. I always kept a very open mind and heart whenever I heard TM address the subject, and I intuitively understood that TM’s musings on the future coming event were originating from the right-brain mode of viewing and interpreting reality, within Terence.

    With this in mind, I surmised that the most profound changes that could be expected in 2012 would likely be most apparent to those who were willing to anticipate and accept the event from a “right-brained” perspective.

    As the 21st of December 2012 approached, I felt myself going through a metamorphosis. At 11:11 GMT, as the winter solstice was occurring on Dec 21, 2012, I lay under the stars near my home (it was nighttime, in my part of the world, at that moment), and I both actively imagined, and passively experienced, myself passing through an event horizon, of sorts. For me, I decided that this moment marked the end of one era in my life and the beginning of a new one. It was an intentional shedding of old, rigid ways of thinking about/viewing the world, and an embracing of new, more flexible ways of thinking about/viewing the world and reality.

    I will forever be grateful to Terence, for having the courage and audacity to channel the message about 2012 which he did, and his intuition that it would be a landmark point in history; a message which he received from entities he encountered while on entheogens. Terence’s 2012 message proved to be an incredibly profound and life-changing one, certainly, in my case.

    I heard Terence readily admit self-doubt and humility, regarding his 2012 message, numerous times, in many of the talks he gave on the subject…yet, uncertainty, vagueness, abstraction…those are all part of the nature of the right-brain’s manner of viewing reality…of pattern-making…of pattern recognition…of future predictions…(take a glance at the cosmology or eschatology of most ancient cultures, such as Sumerian, Mayan, Yoruban, etc, for examples of this mode of thinking and prognosticating).

    Lorenzo, I send you a deep heart-felt thanks, for your tireless dedication to creating the wonderful resource that the Psychedelic Salon podcast is…

    But I respectfully request that, in future podcasts, you please consider handling Terence’s 2012 message with a bit of a lighter touch than that which you used at the end of this podcast.

    TM’s 2012 message has had profound and lasting implications in my life…and perhaps there are other listeners out there whose lives have been similarly enriched and transformed by TM’s musings and prognosticating about 2012, as well. (And, in the future, perhaps there will be yet others…)

    – Eric Smith

    PS: Btw, I am a HUGE Psychedelic Salon fan…but one who has been dedicated to “doing it on the natch”, and succeeding at it…since 1986! (And now, at this point in my life, my Psychedelic Salon listening sessions…have BECOME my surrogate, mind-bending entheogen of choice!)

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: You make an excellent point about my 2012 comments. I should have been clear that I was talking about his Timewave theory and not the 2012 event itself. As you have pointed out, a lot of us used that day as a turning point in our thinking/living, and for that we certainly do owe Terence a debt of gratitude. Thanks for pointing that out, and I’ll be more careful with my words in the future :-).]

  3. Hola to all,
    Stanley, your words:

    “…I love the show, though we have never met and Terence was gone before i heard him talk you are both apart of my mental family the memes I have acquired are valuable tools I could never buy. Thank for working so hard to bring back the dead in cyberdelic space…”

    very much resonate with me – there are my feelings as well, thank you for saying it so clearly.

    aloha and cheers from Switzerland

  4. 2012 Was the end of who I was. I traveled from coast to coast and into the depths of my soul learning what Terence meant by death by astonishment. There is something about pure beauty that still makes my knees shake. If opening the mind was easy then everyone would do it. That is why finding the others is a must, it is what keeps my feet on the ground.

  5. The place we go may be a previously unlit or dimmley lit area of the brain. Maybe when the levels of dmt rise abruptly the pineal gland see’s. Im sure this isnt a new idea. But it seems the colors and symbols constanly changing, rolling are some sort of reality kaleidescope. That comes together as the outer matrix of interference patterns collapses into the psyche through the senses. Reality in all its forms springs forth so to speak? I dunno…

  6. I bet Ternece couldn’t predict the COMING of Anonymous
    Or do you find any hints of that in some programs.??

    Or did he see the €uro?
    He was speaking ’bout mafias sometime if I can remember correctly. Missed the syntax at least for this circumstance..

    Why did you cut it at that point?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: 1) the program was already too long; 2) it is a continuation of a workshop beginning in podcast #416; 3) he was about to turn on his computer and talk about the Timewave software. We’ll eventually pick up with the close of this workshop after the Timewave discussion has ended.]

  7. Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing by Michael Taussig also investigates and documents the horrors of the rubber trade in the Amazon.

  8. Stanley, very well said. Terences speeches and memes and ideas help so much, especially today. It seems like they’re getting even more and more important.
    I’m sure he has a big smile in his face right now, because young people today benefit from his messages.

  9. Is there more to the talk given by Terence I found myself entranced in the talk and at the end it felt like he was not quite done with his rap. I love the show, though we have never met and Terence was gone before i heard him talk you are both apart of my mental family the memes I have acquired are valuable tools I could never buy. Thank for working so hard to bring back the dead in cyberdelic space.

  10. Yeah, one more speech of the great Terence McKenna! I can’t get enough of him.
    Will listen to it right now at work.
    Thanks Lorenzo!

  11. I agree with you on your final remarks Lorenzo, though I kind of doubt they fucked with him for no reason. The whole world got caught up in apolocolyptic fever in ’12… If the transdumensional elves wanted to turn on a huge proportion of the world, giving a man like Terence an idea such as they did was probably a great way to do it.

    (Ps: did my emails to your donations email work? I’ll leave a link to my talk here otherwise. Cheers.)

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