Podcast 412 – “Permitting Smart People To Hope”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Palenque Norte 2014PROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“What’s happening is that the computer is allowing us to go beyond the mathematical objects of Greek philosophy.”

“The unconscious of the species is actually being hard wired as an artifact. We’re pouring glass, and gold, and silicon down the microtubials of the racial imagination. And as it were, making a kind of casting of the state of the human imagination at the close of the millennium.”

“Technology is facilitating the drive toward community, at this incredibly accelerated rate..”

“The Earth is on the brink of the greatest change since the end of the mesozoic, but people don’t like to think about that because all they can think about is the possibility of personal extinction.”

“No one can run or program these vast networks except guys with ponytails.”

“My intuition was always that the psychedelic experience was a fractal anticipation of human history.”


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  1. Leary said he didnt remember saying it..but didnt deny it…and i have heard the find the others..more than once..if im not mistaken i think a kind of greatfull dead show was happening near by the talk and a crazy lady inthe audience has an outbust with her question…..

  2. Hello soma, I’ve been wondering about the others, being so grateful for Lorenzo’s work and that maybe I’ve had to go through this part alone. It is a journey!
    Now I need my kin and I’m reaching out to you. Would love to discuss this. One day we will be the archaic so for now lets hammer it out.
    Look forward to it, Palo.

    P.S. A general call out to the others, as well, we need each other.

  3. Oh yes, I remember Leary saying it in one of his recordings as well.

    Both these lines were used by Terence in quite a few of his recordings. Below is a quote from an interview of Terence by Art Bell.

    AB: Boy, I sure agree with that. And then this: “LSD is a drug that occasionally causes psychotic behavior in people who have not taken it.” Terence McKenna quoting Tim Leary in Los Angeles in 1991. Accurate?

    TM: Well, I tried to give that quote to Tim, and he swore to me he’d never said that, so it’s sort of hanging out there in the air. But it’s a very funny quote because I think it makes it clear to people how agitated you can become by drugs you haven’t taken. And how often the people the people who have the most negative drug reactions are the people who didn’t take the drug.


    I am probably wrong about this, but somewhere else I think it is even revealed that Tim thought Terence came up with it hehe.

    The quote is hilarious :), my parents too went crazy when after his first LSD trip his son called them from UCLA engineering school telling them he was going to India to become an ascetic monk.

    Pertaining to the “find the others” quote, I guess that allot of the others I am still searching for listen to these podcasts. Fellow saloners, how can we communicate? Any one have any ideas? The comments seem like a great place to have lengthy discussions pertaining to each talk, yet this doesn’t seem to happen. At one point there were forums, don’t think they are around anymore though.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have rigorous discussions about the wealth of ideas related to the notion of the archaic revival?

  4. Hey Lorenzo!

    I’m excited for the upcoming female-given lectures. Each speaker featured so far has been terrific, but it’s wonderful to listen to feminine perspectives on the psychedelic. Thanks for the good epilogue on this one, too. The anecdote you gave about your exchange really made Terence seem like an amicable and diplomatic guy, rather than just an advanced egghead. Thank you for these podcasts man, much love from Hemet, Ca.

  5. LSD has been known to make those who haven’t taken it display psychotic behavior. A quote that went something like that was ascribed to Leary by Terence. Later Leary told Terence that he didn’t come up with it. Maybe Lorenzo is confusing the “find the others” quote with the LSD one.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: You may be correct. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mistaken. However :-), somewhere in the past 400+ podcasts, both of those topics were discussed by Leary & McKenna. My recollection is that Leary in one podcast, even said the line you quoted above. And I’m still standing my ground about find the others. . . . maybe someone can find these podcasts and post the answers here.]

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