Podcast 411 – “Our Involvement With Matter”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


At the end of this talk Terence takes off on an interesting riff wherein he speculates that our life here on Earth may have something to do with us learning how to interact with matter as a preparation for some future existence in dimensions yet unknown. If, he postulates, we are the only intelligent species in the universe, then, he asks, don’t we have an obligation to announce ourselves to destinations that exist beyond the limits of our solar system.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Being itself is some kind of opportunity.”

“Outlandish things are going on inside the psychedelic experience. It seems to imply the thing we had hardly dared hope, which is that the world is whatever you say it is, if you know how to say it right.”

“We have never taken the self-management of culture seriously.”

“I’m amazed at what thin soup is dished out as spiritual food.”

“It’s hard to take psychedelics. It’s not hard to sweep up around the ashram, but it’s hard to take psychedelics.”


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  1. This was definitely one of the best mckenna workshops great stuff lorenzo !! As for the state of the police …..that black grandmother was correct it is going to be every man women and child for themselves …. Get your guns and ammo the only way things change is when people die …….there is no hope for the sheep of the world and the 1 percent will never change …..Cleshe but love those that love you and share your same ideals on worship of our mother earth. Thanks again Lorenzo …..one last thing the vetnam war memorial wall is coming to califonia this year …it’s a full scale replica set up in various parks on its tour it will be at ialla Park in chino Ca in June I believe ….not sure of dates but info on the Web is avalible …..thanks again

  2. yep, podcast 381. word for word, with the last few seconds of thanks and goodbye, wrap up cut from this one.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: It looks like I may be getting too old for this . . . can’t even remember my previous podcasts 🙁 ]

  3. Actually, the exact same talk but a slightly different cut was played on episode 381 – A Stiff Dose of Psychedelics. Listen for the audience member towards the end of the recording who says “There’s a cancer down there. You can see it. It’s hot, it’s glowing.” My ears first perked up before that when Terrance said the phrase “a stiff dose of psychedelics” and I just recently listened to that one.

  4. This talk has definitively never been played on the salon before – and it’s most excellen. One of the 3 best talks of Terence’s ever, at least that’s how I feel about it.

    Thank you so much Lorenzo, and keep doing the good work till the end of all times 🙂 !

  5. I thought the same at the start, but then by the end I was convinced it was a fresh one. Then again, maybe it’s just the magical hand of Lorenzo that transforms dusty talks discarded in the corner into masterpieces once more 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: It has happened before because I get tapes from various people, and they don’t always have detailed information on their labels. So at least once I discovered that I had repodcast the same talk (about five years apart). I think that this one is new, however, there are a couple of stories/raps that are often repeated, and I’ve discovered a few that are almost word for word, yet they were recorded years apart.]

  6. as chuffed as i am listening to anything by mckenna, i could swear that this recording (or at the very least, parts of it) has been posted before

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