Podcast 407 – “The Evolutionary Importance of Technology”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Information is just simply bootstrapping itself to higher and higher levels of self-reflection and self-coordination using whatever means are necessary.”

“It’s our machines and our technologies that are now the major evolutionary forces acting upon us. It’s not our political systems.”

“Everything will come true in cyberspace. That’s the whole idea. What cyberspace is, on one level, it’s simply the human imagination vivified, hardwired.”

“In a sense, what’s happening is that the unconscious mind is a luxury the human species cannot afford at this point in our dilemma, and so the unconscious mind is simply rising into consciousness by being hardwired into this global infrastructure.”

“The thing that excites me about these informational technologies is I think we are going to be able to use virtual reality to show each other the insides of our own heads.”

“The most beautiful things in the universe are inside the human mind.”

“The human brain is the god of technological innovation.”


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  1. If any one is interested in learning about the philosophers terrence is mentioning. Such as a.n whitehead,merleau-ponty, or e.husserl. you can listen to (partially examined life). They do a good job explaining their ideas in more detail.

  2. One damn fine hobby you got there.
    -Red from “That 70’s show.”
    Oh my God I need professional help. I’m talking in mouths of TV actors.
    Haha!! PsychedelicSalon for the Win FTW

  3. Lorenzo, I love your podcast and all these talks have made me a better person. I have a question though, I know you probably deal with this often but there is one talk by Terrance McKenna I’m dying to show a friend yet have tried so long to find it to no avail.
    If I recall correctly in your intro you say how McKenna really went strong with this one gracefully explaining his theories and will be your go to lecture when introducing people to his theories. McKenna begins by discussing his “Stoned Ape” theory and after that I forgot what occured. He has a humorous tone, but that’s obviously one of his normal characteristics. Would love if you could help me out with this!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I remember saying that, but I’m sorry to say that I can’t remember when it was either.]

  4. Ello. Are there any transcripts of this talk. I love the section about artist and marks.

  5. In reference to the comments you made about how like social media Terence’s words seem to be, you mentioned that he had in mind some kind of VR deal. Well, his wishes are being granted, since Facebook has purchased the hot new VR company who makes the Oculus Rift VR device. Interesting times ahead.

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