Podcast 406 – “Psychedelic Research Discussion Panel”


Guest speakers: Dr. Roland Griffiths, Dr. Alicia Danforth, and Gabrielle Agin-Liebes

Palenque Norte 2013 Psychedelic Research PanelPROGRAM NOTES:

This program features a recording of a panel discussion and Q&A session that took place at the 2013 Burning Man Festival with three people who are currently on the front lines of psychedelic research: Dr. Roland Griffiths, Dr. Alicia Danforth, and Gabrielle Agin-Liebes. This is an overview session covering a wide range of psychedelic research currently underway. Their detailed talks about their work is available in earlier podcasts.


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Dr. Roland Griffiths

Johns Hopkins University Psilocybin & Spirituality

Current Psilocybin Research Projects

Q&A with Roland Griffiths

Dr. Alicia Danforth

MDMA-assisted Therapy for Social Anxiety in Autistic Adults

Gabrielle Agin-Liebes

NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Study

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