Podcast 401 – “Surveillance and Revolution”


Guest speakers: Glenn Greenwald and Stefan Molyneux

"No Place To Hide" by Glenn GreenwaldPROGRAM NOTES:

“What the NSA has done is essentially converted the Internet from this unprecedented zone of freedom into the most powerful means of surveillance ever known in human history.” -Glenn Greenwald

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Stefan Molyneux.]

“If we have a bitcoin universe, you don’t get to print money for war. You don’t get to have money for a prison/industrial complex. You don’t get money for a war on drugs. You have to ask the people.”

“So bitcoin gives us an opportunity to reclaim the power of the people to say yes or no to what the government claims that it wants to do.”

“Freedom for the government is enslavement for the people. When the government is free the people are enslaved. When the government is contained then the people are free.”

“To limit money is to limit political power.”

“If we have a bitcoin universe, you don’t get to print money for war. You don’t get to print money for a prison/industrial complex. You don’t get to print money for a war on drugs. You have to ask the people.”

“When you give government the power to control the money supply, it grows like a tumor until it extinguishes society itself.”

“There is going to be enormous amounts of resistance to the adoption of bitcoin, but I really believe that it’s about the most peaceful revolution that we can have in this world.”


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  1. Being how the monetary system works, it will collapse eventually, or so many have come to suspect.

    Bitcoin is an interesting option, but it is digital, and it can and will be controlled by the government, or it will render governments as we know them rather powerless. A massive transition never before seen. A move away from war and a global currency.

    Keep us updated!

  2. Wondering if anyone has tips on how to acquire bitcoins while maintaining a good degree of anonymity. I want to move out of gmail asap but I feel that the way to go is to acquire an email from a Swiss provider via unanimous bitcoin purchase. I’m looking for help on making this happen.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: While bitcoins are more anonymous than your credit card, EVERY bitcoin transaction is available for everyone to see in the blockchain. That said, bitcoin “wallets” are essentially like a numbered Swiss bank account. There are ways to hide yourself if you do a little research.]

    Step 1.
    Download and install TOR from https://www.torproject.org/
    Step 2.
    While using TOR, research the availability of email providers on the deep Web and how to purchase bitcoin. You will find everything you want to know out there in the deep.

  3. I agree. These issues are so important. I really appreciate you bringing this to people.

  4. I am so glad you out this episode together Lorenzo. I have been a fan of this podcast for a long time, and am glad to see you transcending the issues that were so important in the 60s (still are of course) and bringing it back to today to help awaken minds that sometimes seem oblivious to what’s going on in the name of security. In fact, I even feel a slight chill posting this comment in support, because if they’re following you, then…

    (Remember when we used to think this stuff only happened under communist regimes and dictatorships)

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