Podcast 399 – “We Are At The Cutting Edge”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Bruce Damer, Terence McKenna, & Robert VenosaPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“The moment is where we spend most of our time.”

“Reality is a term that if it’s used at all it’s used in philosophy, in ontology, in epistemology. It is not a concept that you hear very often on the lips of scientists.”

“The ‘fallacy of misplaced concreteness’ is the belief that there is something, somewhere which is real, which can be depended upon, which everything else can be referenced back to. And as long as you are victim of this fallacy you are philosophically naive and probably not at ease psychologically.”

“The ego is this strange transference of loyalty from the group to the self, the individual body.”


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  1. Hello I was just wanting to find where a certain Terence McKenna quote came from. My sweety was thinking he heard it during a psychedelic salon podcast. The part of the quote I know is ““…If we drop the ball now, we will be regarded as the lamest of the lame”
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. T, interesting, I haven’t seen science in the modern world (yet!), I was looking at process and reality.

  3. Andie:
    Having just had a crack at Whitehead’s Science In the modern World: I think Terence is pretty close. The fallacy of misplaced concrete ness seems to refer to the fact that there is some object which has an independent existence. Whereas Whiteheads philosophy of organism would say that the object is a nexus, an organism or a process rather than a discrete, concrete entity.

  4. “Fallacy of misplaced concreteness” is from Whitehead, and I think terence is overstating it a bit. It’s not that nothing is real, but, (as I unspderstand it (??)) The fallacy of thinking that your theory or model is real. For example, “the law of gravity” is a mathematical model, but it does refer to some phenomena in nature.

  5. I have to add i laughed when i remembered dennis saying the same in his book. Like he would say to terrence that what you just said totally contradicts what you just said 15 minutes ago 🙂 but yeah, terence was super hard to corner, many have tried in his lectures, but he always comes up with some amazing explanation/joke

  6. Mckenna is s master of these contradictory statements, like that on a one level people building cities was a thing that we placed between us and nature and its roots was basicly in fear or something. And here hes saying its an expression of novelty and how it builds connectivity and so on. Well i guess its both and…

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