Podcast 392 – “MDMA and Autistic Adults: A New Research Study”


Guest speakers: Alicia Danforth & Charlie Grob


Today’s podcast features a 2013 Palenque Norte lecture given by Alicia Danforth in which she tells about her work with the autistic community and their use of MDMA. Following that is a recording of a conversation with Alicia and Dr. Charlie Grob, who have just begun a new study to investigate the potential of using MDMA to help ease the social anxiety that is sometimes experienced by our friends and fellow saloners in the autistic community.


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“What Is Autism?” by Nick Walker

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  1. What a wonderful study. It is inspiring to hear how much hope MDMA gave these folks. Oh the things that it could do for the world if it was safe and respected.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Lorenzo, and thanks to Danforth and Grob for their research!

  2. @ Roger- I have thought the same thing… But I believe there is some historical evidence that the autistic spectrum has presented in homosapiens which might just indicate unique populations have been around for quite some time.

    I think it’s fascinating to consider the array of latent abilities and “neuro-diversity” among regular old homosapiens! What else will we discover about human capacity in the years to come?! Might there be even more “neuro-diversity” that mainstream western cutlure has heretofore overlooked!?

    Or maybe these individuals have a cosmic heritage that is unique, with purposes to contribute to the conscious evolution on planet earth!

    Either way, I am stoked for what part they will play!

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