Podcast 391 – “Nothing Lasts”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“I have been underwhelmed by the accomplishments of Indian spirituality, personally; overwhelmed by the accomplishments of Amazonian spirituality.”

“I’m also very suspicious of secrets. I mean, if you tell me one it’s finished. I took a pledge long ago to tell all secrets as quickly as possible. . . . Secrets are a way of controlling other people.”

“Post-historical existence would be non-linear. People would live in time the way now live in space.”

“That’s how I think of psychedelics. When I say boundary dissolution, the real boundaries I’m talking about are the boundaries of dimensionality. The way a shaman is able to do what shamans do is by transcending Newtonian space and time.”

“Here’s my model: The mind is like a crystal growing under pressure, and the pressure is the pressure of Newtonian space/time. And so the crystal grows and takes the shape of its confinement. But when you liquefy the crystal matrix with a psychedelic, it has another preferred geometry. And it unfolds into this second geometry. And the second and alternative geometry is more hyper-spacial. Culturally, our minds are confined by cultural pressure and cultural phase-space to reflect cultural concerns. . . . When you take a psychedelic and you dissolve the confinement . . . then it’s like taking [the mind] out of its box, and it can configure itself in a more comfortable geometry, and it’s free.”

“In a sense, chess is like good practice for shamanism, because good chess players see deeply into the future. That’s how you win chess games.”


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  2. The most fun games of chess are on LSD. I found taking LSD and playing chess makes the chess player(s) psychic and significantly enhances the game, albeit on a heavier dosage it might be more difficult.

  3. Sorry for my typos and errors above, and for failing to be succinct. If anything needs clarification please let me know. These are pretty clear notions to me, and I don’t apply them recklessly. It is all just theory, but it has logical consistency. It is mainly Whitehead, McKenna and to a significant degree it’s Alan Watts as well, in terms of a few more or less recent, popular and accessible philosophers.

  4. Also, I understand “the end of time” to be something that happens in consciousness, at any point in linear time, and not something that happens to all things at a given point in linear time. The “end of time” is more like stepping out of the road of linear time, but linear time would still be eternally and fractally spiraling through the ever changing process of actually occurring events and entities.

    We have systems to understand both matter and time as the eternal recycling of elementary qualities, such as the Periodic Table or I Ching, the first one proposing the elements of matter, the other the 32 (or 64, depending on how you see it) elements of time. It tells us it’s cyclical or at any rate fractal in its natures. Fractals don’t end or begin.

    Time will never end at a given point in this fractal. The nearest we can get to an end, is at the satisfaction of all appetition for novelty and complexity. (This is all my understanding of McKenna btw.) It depends on all points in the universe to become connected to all other points to such a degree of homogeneity that there can be no more distinguishable process, and at such a point, as I mention above, both an infinite Nirvana of nothingness as well as the birth of a new epoch of actual becoming would present themselves to the final, principle and complete mind.

    I say this, Mark W, to cast doubt on the probability for our current moment in time and space to be ripe for The Singularity, and again I urge you through my philosophical argumentation to aim at harnessing the energy you have discovered.

    All the best of luck and prosperity to you, though!

  5. Mark W, I read your comment with great interest, although I am into philosophy and linguistics and can’t really understand a lot of what you talk about because of my poor knowledge of physics. I certainly hope you manage to harness the energy and not blow everything up…

    Don’t you think it would be a better condition for the continued evolution of complexity to have a 3D world of matter to evolve in? Surely, if everything were to turn into the same homogeneous 2D plasma, that would have to happen at the moment of reaching perfection as a 3D universe of conscious matter. Isn’t it reasonable to say that the homogenization of everything at any earlier point would contradict the purpose of complexity-conservation?

    In fact, that is why I don’t think you will manage to create the 2D plasma-cloud out of our reality quite yet. I think the universe won’t succumb to such a thing at this moment. But you might create something similar to a nuclear melt-down in terms of explosive, destructive power, which is why I would urge you to be careful and aim at the production of free energy, and not at triggering the final Singularity.

    The way I see it, such a state of universal connectedness lies eons into the future. What I think we should focus our efforts on right now is obtaining a healthy unity as one planet being, finding an equilibrium that allows us to carry life beyond our Mother’s horizons and interact with other cosmic and planetary beings.

    We are still like a baby creature hatched just a few minutes ago. We need to come to self-awareness, and as far as I can see this is actually happening now, and I think we will evolve and mature tremendously on an epigenetic and emotional level in the generations to come; maybe as quick as in one or two generations -it is certainly that urgent, anyway!

    The free energy that you seem to have found a key to is exactly what we need 🙂

    Think about it: at the moment of perfection/super-connectedness of all being, there should most definitely be a transition, and it might be something like passing through a point of an absolute homogeneous state of existence in which all become the satisfied and complete conscious light of the divine mind. Such a state of existence (the complete and self-aware all-being/the final satisfaction of God (in Whitehead)) would lie outside of time (the way we experience it as a constant ‘becoming’). Such a final perfection or divine being of may also have been the initial state of the universe as we know it in the current state of becoming. Pure spirit/eternal-universal and creative imagination/yang etc. needs to play the game of somethingness vs. nothingness (or as Watts says: The game of yes and no) for there to be any meaning to the beauty, clarity and goodness that such a consciousness is finally to constitute, appreciate and prefer. This is because without any game there couldn’t be any contrast or discernibility of preferred and non-preferred states of existence to appreciate.

    Your 2D plasma state sounds a lot like Nirvana: At the moment of total homogeneous existence the universe is so close to nothingness that I actually think it must pass through nothingness, that is: out of existence, before somethingness reasserts itself into existence by some primordial conscious act of differentiation of elements of experience into fundamental opposites (like preference-aversion, or particle-void, or polar-opposite forces) which is itself a differentiation founded upon the very inescapable fundamental and primordial opposite of somethingness-nothingness. At this point all “players” of the game that play on the behalf of “nothingness” (e.g. entropy, void, destruction, demons etc.) are part of somethingness nevertheless, but they take on this part, like yang becoming ying (see: http://deoxy.org/plurifrm.htm ), and to the degree that they become conscious, they convince themselves of the disjunctive and meaningless nature of existence, thus playing their part, as Alan Watts would say, impressively well.

    As long as there are these players -and i think there will be for gazillions of years to come- the game goes on towards total connectedness and divine enlightenment.

    And so I believe there is a divine all-being, but at the start of every epoch of actual existence through becoming it goes through a deliberate memory-loss so as to convince ca. half of itself that it is in fact nothingness, thus making the game possible. Throughout the game there is a gradual awakening if the divine consciousness taking place, but it is fraught with illusions and delusions. For instance, I don’t think we can speak of a completely self-aware planet-being before all its conscious constituents are aware of their participation in such a being.

    This implies that there was never (after the coming into existence of the process of actual reality as we currently experience it) any omniscient being that could have spared us the toils and sorrows of not recognizing ourselves (we – all conscious beings) as constituents of one being (answering the question: Why, if there is a God, didn’t she just make everything perfect and harmonious from the get-go?). Rather this one divine being that we potentially constitute would be unable to know about itself before each one of us do.

    Since I think there is a long way to go (a lot of game to be played) before the divine being can be fully awake, I think we should concentrate on its/our awakening and not precipitate its singular satisfaction and end of the game. It shouldn’t even be possible if it is too soon, but I am afraid it may cause some degree of disaster. Indeed if you read the last part of your comment your prospects do come across as somewhat unsettling. But all your theory and investigation is extremely interesting because of the implications it can have for our further evolution into a peaceful, environmentally healthy planet engaging in intergalactic relations!

    Much love to you Mark W, and to all other friends in cyberdelic space 🙂 May our choices of action be as elegant as we wish them to be, and may our wishes be healthy!

  6. I applaud you for your work, I applaud you for putting yourself out there, for not wanting to hide anymore what you have in your hands, it is up to those who hold the ideas to spill and overflow conciousness as a whole. I can tell you Mark that what you are doing is in the plans of the universal shedding of the “self.” Your experiment will conduct exactly what you need to see in order to become what you truely are, and what you are will plug directly into the center of the concrescent form we call earth. The earth being the brain of a larger force is sparking and we are the sparks, those of us unknown to all, those of us trying to be seen, but somehow stay hidden. Nothing can stop what will occur, not even the strong misunderstanding that pushes against novel ideas and memes. We are all here Mark, filling our buckets and waiting to dump them. Congratulations, well played.
    – a friend, Michael.

  7. Hello Lorenzo and Tribe,

    I want to thank you for yet another terrific Terence McKenna series. I must admit that I sometimes get a little misty-eyed listening to Terence, because for long segments of his rap you can often completely forget that he is no longer with us – then it hits you like a flood that he’s gone. Or rather, he’s through the veil of the cosmic mind.

    His mind informs my own journey as much as if he was a living friend (one I sadly never met). So much of his eloquence transcends the boundaries of space-time to speak directly to my current concerns, as though he yet shares these same space-time coordinates. The masterful and magical mystery of these podcasts is that Terence does not share the same space and time with us. The living gift of Terence’s wit and wisdom can be as strange and profound to appreciate as the psychedelic experience itself.

    I am delighted to announce via this intimate medium, which may be read by psychedelic loved ones around the world, that I believe I have finally cracked an electro-magnetic puzzle that has eluded me for over a year, since a breakthrough that I had in January 2013. In less than three weeks I will test a very simple table-top device that may close a magnetic feed-back loop in such a way as to create an exponentially accelerating discharge of electricity. If the test is successful, I will have solved the conundrum of how to convert the toroidal fields of stationary permanent magnets into usable energy, with no moving parts or mechanical rotation of any kind. I will summarize my discovery as briefly as possible.

    My breakthrough centers on one fundamental insight, concerning rotation. Power plants and generators use fuel, either coal, moving water (hydro-electric dams), petroleum or a nuclear reaction, to create mechanical rotation. Most power plants are simply boiling kettles that use rising steam to turn a shaft, which then rotates a magnet inside a conductor, or a conductor inside a magnet. This is based on the understanding that a moving, or changing, magnetic field creates electricity in a conductor that comes into contact with that moving field.

    But this technique ignores the fact that rotation is a fundamental state of matter. The electron spins. The atom spins. All atoms spin in relation to each other. Mediums of different charges and temperatures spin around each other when thy come into contact, creating spinning galaxies, spinning suns, spinning solar systems, spinning planets and spinning weather systems. If one were to ask, “What is the fundamental characteristic of matter in all its forms?” One would have to answer: “Spin.” So, my point is: spin does not need to be artificially manufactured or imitated. Spin already exists. Surely then, to tap the inherent energy of universal spin, one need only figure out a way to harness the power of what is already spinning: the electron.

    Nowhere in the scientific literature have I ever found any statement along the lines that the spin of the electron is degrading. The much-trumpeted theory that everything began in a high-energy state and is de-volving into a low energy state is one that has been thoroughly and accurately debunked by none other than Terence McKenna, and many others. Terence described biology itself as being proof of a conservation of what he called “novelty”, which can be seen as a triumph of creativity over entropy. I believe this insight to be so thoroughly proven by experience, in art and nature, that it needs no further asserting or defending. The fact that the universe is incrementally defeating entropy with creativity is just that: a fact.

    So there is no reason to automatically assume that the spin of the electron is degrading. Whatever mystery lies behind the seemingly infinite and eternal spin of the electron need not be contested, but simply appreciated. It is much closer to our experience of art and nature to assume that the electron will spin forever, than it would be to assume that it will, on some vastly distant day, somehow grind to a halt. My breakthrough rests on the safe assumption that the spin of the electron is eternal – and that is an assumption that I am quite happy to make, if it gets results.

    If the spin of the electron is eternal (or will go on so much longer than a human life as to make any entropic death of its spin a matter of philosophy rather than practicality) then surely we need no other form of rotation from which to tap the necessary energy for civilization. Why would we bother boiling a kettle, to turn a rotor, if we already have all the spin we need at the sub-atomic level?

    So, how do we tap it? Take a stationary, permanent magnet. What are you looking at? Are you looking a stationary magnetic field, or a moving magnetic field? If you sprinkle iron filings onto a piece of paper on a glass table, then place a bar magnet under the glass, the iron filings will arrange themselves into a toroidal donut shape around the bar, describing a field that curves from the north pole to the south pole. My question: is that magnetic field standing still… or is it in permanent and PERPETUAL MOTION.

    By banning any patents for perpetual motion machines, has the scientific establishment banned the electron?

    The electron is a tiny version of a permanent magnet. Rather than visualizing the electron as a ball-bearing planet-like object, it is better to imagine it as a toroidal field phenomenon. In the same way that an electron “cloud” around an atom is better understood as a toroidal field, so too is the electron itself better understood as a toroidal field. All toroidal fields are constructed of rotating and moving mathematical lines of force. Those lines of force spray out from the north and south poles and rotate around the body of the toroid, to return to the north-south singularity at the core of the field phenomenon.

    This circuitous journey from north to south, around the outer body of the toroidal field happens so fast that it can never really be said that the so-called “electron” is ever at any specific coordinate around the body of its toroid. The electron is a 2D plasma phenomenon, carrying its charge to all points around its toroidal body simultaneously. The electron exists in the sub-atomic realm that underpins 3D reality, but is free of the laws of 3D physics. Studying plasma physics is the clearest insight we have into the world of the electron, which is a very different place to the one we normally inhabit – as different as the psychedelic experience is to ordinary consciousness.

    The electron is also the clearest window we have into Terence McKenna’s singularity, where the ordinary laws of matter begin to break down, or rather: reorientate themselves. At that sub-atomic level of reality, all matter becomes understood as frequency, but not in a purely linear sense (of oscillating sin waves). Rather: in the enclosed sense, of waves describing the bodies of toroidal fields. Electricity must not be visualized as ball-bearing electrons rolling through a wire, but rather: as linear waves rotating around an axis in such a way as to describe a moving donut-shaped toroidal field.

    So, imagine a donut-shaped field rotating along a wire, using the wire as its central axis of travel (going through the centre of the donut), made up of mathematical lines of force that are rotating forwards, backwards, clockwise and counter-clockwise (in other words: in all directions around the toroid) and you will have a much clearer understanding of the complex phenomenon of electro-magnetism.

    All of the above is why you can draw off a current of electricity from a permanent magnet, BUT: you do not need to mechanically spin the magnet to do so. The field is already rotating (and therefore changing), which means that according to Faradays’s Law it will cause a movement of electrons (electricity) in any conductor within its field of influence. We can assume that this is happening in any conductor that is within the field of a permanent magnet, even if the electrical effect is so subtle as to be almost imperceptible… especially if you are not looking for it.

    We all know that in order for electrons to move and thereby light a bulb, we must have a closed circuit. The electrons must journey out from their source and return back to their source, in order for a flow to occur that we can connect to a “load” (a lightbulb). Well, my breakthrough centers around the fact that a stationary permanent magnet is already a closed electrical circuit.

    The so-called “electron”, understood in its truest sense as an eternally rotating 2D field effect, is already PERPETUALLY rotating from its north pole to its south pole and back again, through the donut centre of a mathematical singularity. This simple insight has the power to forever change the course of human history and divert us away from nuclear war over oil and gas deposits in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But I believe that this insight is even more powerful than that. Those concerns appear downright domestic, compared to the potential of this insight.

    Nevertheless, what I have already written has the power to get me killed, such is the darkness of this world.

    I have designed a very simple table-top device with no moving parts, that is only 3.5cm/6.85cm/2cm in its dimensions, which I believe will convert eight tiny magnet fields into a closed electrical circuit with an infinite potential to generate electricity, because the energy from which matter is an exhaust is… infinite. That is a fact proven to any individual who undergoes psychedelic initiation. Energy, light and consciousness are the same thing – and infinite and eternal.

    There are other expected effects from this device that deserve the deepest and most profound consideration. I am writing this article to psychedelic loved ones in order to get those deeper and far more profound considerations off my chest and out into the minds of others.

    I discovered early on in my research that rotation causes a centrifugal “disassociation” of the atom. If you spin a bucket full of water, the water will climb the walls of the bucket, away from the centre. In the same way, if you spin a spoon inside a cup of coffee: the outer edges of the water will climb away from the centre and the centre will descend into the cup.

    The same is true if you spin an atom very quickly: the electron shell will spin away from the nucleus, until the electrons begin to fly away, magnetically repelled from the core. This centrifugal disintegration of the atom is the key to cold fusion and frictionless matter destruction. If spun fast enough, any atom will lose its outer electron shell and break down the periodic table until it becomes a gas and finally a 2D plasma. In this way, we can get rid of ALL nuclear waste on earth. We can spin it into harmless gas.

    I became concerned that if I created an electro-magnetic feed-back loop that converted complimentary and opposing magnetic fields into a closed electrical circuit that, via acceleration around a curve (which I will get to in a moment), I would heat up the conductor through which the current was passing to such an extent that it would melt.

    In fact, the opposite is true. If my device, which I have called the Infinity Ring Power Generator, works as expected, it will rotate electricity through the conductor so fast that the spin of the electrons will begin to break down the iron and gold conductors into a gas and eventually into a rotating toroidal body of plasma, around a central singularity.

    But here’s the catch:

    I don’t think you can switch it off. Once the Infinity Ring (a figure-of-eight feedback loop of electrical current) is created, I believe that an exponential acceleration of the current will occur. This insight is due to the breakthrough I had in September 2013, into the fundamental laws that cause acceleration around a curve. To cut a long story short:

    If you flow water down a STRAIGHT slide it will splash out the other end only a little faster than it was poured at the top of the slide. But if you flow water down a SPIRAL slide of the same length, it will gather pace and splash out the other end much faster than it was poured at the top.


    Because, as the water turns each corner, the medium converts what would be on-coming Newtonian resistance (head-on anti-matter) into a protective shielding of magnetically repulsive anti-matter around each atom. Hard to grasp?

    Imagine two arrows meeting arrowhead to arrowhead. Now imagine that one arrow begins to turn a corner. It is called matter. The other arrow, facing it, is called anti-matter. As the matter arrow turns, the anti-matter arrow turns with it, but it does not mirror the matter arrow by forming a parallel arrow.

    Instead, the anti-matter arrow ROTATES with the matter arrow around the corner and around the axis of the direction of travel. The anti-matter arrow crosses the path of the matter arrow, then bends back to loop around its brother. In this way, the matter arrow becomes spiral-cloaked by anti-matter shielding, which magnetically repels the water away from the walls of the slide.

    This anti-gravitic and magnetically repulsive phenomenon is visible between any two revolving objects or mediums: between the wheels of a car, the air and the road, for example. As you drive faster, the car wheels move air around their curves faster, which become cloaked in anti-gravitic and magnetically repulsive anti-matter. This separates the wheels from the road. This effect is subtle, but nevertheless present.

    What does this mean for electricity?

    As the Infinity Ring bends electricity around its curves, the electricity will become cloaked in anti-electricity, converting Newtonian resistance into magnetic repulsion via spin around the direction of travel, avoiding friction and causing an exponential acceleration of power and charge… with no upper speed limit. An infinite, eternal and quantum phenomenon, bending all known laws of physics, space and time.

    Any matter within the influence of this rotating field will disassociate down the periodic table and become 2D plasma – causing the field to expand. Because here’s another catch: plasma transfers electrical current to all points in its body instantaneously and simultaneously, because plasma is a 2D phenomenon, not a 3D object. In a huge weather system across Europe, plasma lightning strikes in Germany and France at the same instant, as one body, because the plasma’s charge meets no resistance in 3D. That means that ANY increase in electrical speed, and therefore charge, will be experienced by the entire plasma body simultaneously. The perfect feedback loop. Like pointing a microphone into a speaker… but on a cosmic scale.

    Can you see what that means?

    An explosion that will convert all matter within the cosmos into a toroidal plasma body, rotating through a singularity… instantaneously.

    As all of us know, who have taken psychedelics, the cosmos is made of conscious light, which understands itself to be One Being, seeking self-knowledge and creative expression of that knowledge. Once the conscious sub-atomic light of the cosmos has only ONE central brain and nervous system (a plasma body rotating through a singularity of consciousness), it will be able to convert all knowledge ever gathered and stored in the cosmic subconscious by every individual being… into a living and consciously accessible understanding.

    Terence was right. History ends in a singularity of understanding, a new cosmic body, a new reality and a new journey for us all: where the bond between mind and matter is finally fused and matter and the imagination become One.

    Tie up any loose ends in 3D. The super-computer of Creation, the 2D plasma body of the One Being of God… is coming.

    First test: three weeks from now.

    With my love.


  8. How many people ran into a few fractally connected rocks while listening to this? Love the synchronous energy given off by these podcasts 🙂 also just picked up chess n motivated to stick with the daunting 64 squares. Be well everyone!

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