Podcast 389 – “Gathering Momentum for a Leap”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“The 20th century is a great gathering for a leap, and the 19th century was the century of the gentleman.”

“Whether we can actually make a new world is not clear because the momentum of the past is very great.”

“The bigger you build the bonfire of understanding the more darkness you reveal.”

“Belief is a curious reaction to the present at hand. It isn’t to be believed. It’s to be dealt with.”


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  1. I would imagine that they would push for technology where we could see what each other mean. The thing about technology that i always notice is that it mimics what humans are capable of doing as well. I think when Terence explains what he really meant by the 2012 date- that after the 21st we will be moving through space instead of time. When we move through space we become more fluid like and the choice is ours on how powerful we become, there are no limits. For me after a large dose two years ago it blew open my mind mechanics and i find myself seeing what people are thinking instead of just listening. I cannot predict how long it will take, but i know that eventually our species conciousness will surpass all technology and mark it obsolite. Fun time to be alive, thats for sure..

  2. All good questions. Language definitely seems like a double edged sword. it seems to be a great way to share experiences and at the same time limits them altogether. I wonder if the future will consist of technology that gives someone the same (or as close to the same as possible) feelings of an individual who can record them or upload them into a database.

  3. The words we speak end up being the explanation for who we are. I am Micahel E, i am made of flesh, muscle, and organ. Without words i couldn’t explain what i am or what is. What is this elastic organ that stretches around my bones? My brain is just a navigation tool through space. All i know is that i am using a body for a perspective on planet earth. Am i something somewhere or am i nothing nowhere. Who am i? Am i able to be afraid if i am nothing nowhere? Is there something to be afraid of? Am i so far away from the truth, that if it were right in front of me i wouldnt recognize it? Is there only a sense of self, a sense of love, a sense of beauty, smell, taste, and sound? Where we given senses so we could loose ourselves completely? Would i exist if i knew the truth? Am i supposed to feel lost only to find?

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