Podcast 388 – “Wherever You Are, Be There!”


Guest speaker: Dr. George Greer

Dr. George GreerPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by George Greer.]

“Meaning: the final addiction!”

“Meaning is suffering.”

“How do you feel your experience would be different if you ‘understood’ the universe? How would your experience be different from right now?”

“My thought about MDMA is that it blocks the fear response to a perceived emotional threat.”

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Co-Founder, Medical Director, Secretary of the Heffter Research Institute

Spheres & Constellations by Farthest South

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  1. {2.Chris Said,
    February 16, 2014 @ 1:29 pm

    I’m hereby questioning you?}

    There is a “larger identity” whos brain is the earth. All the living things on the earth are its brainwaves interacting with eachother-sending messages, merging, dying, being born. As this “larger identity” experiences its own “life” we experience accordingly. So everything is the same you see, so you’re actually questioning yourself. See all perspectives, not just your own, embrace everything, and you will see that it is all exactly the same.

  2. Love the Psychedelic Salon!

    I have enjoyed nearly every episode… But this one was not among my favorites. I found Dr. greer to be a bit out of touch with his audience, and somewhat disattached in general.

    Not a criticism of the podcast, just not impressed with this particular presenter.

    Always looking forward though!

    Thanks for everything, Lorenzo.

  3. Hi Lorenzo, I had a question, Have you ever thought of interviewing fellow salon’ers about their journey and what they think as a way of authority deletion. I would like to see people grasp the idea that what you want to know IS actually planted deep inside of you. As Alan Watts says ” Im not here to tell you the way, im here as a bird singing in a tree, if you want to stop and listen, that is your choice.” I think that the next part of this psychedelic movement is realizing that it is YOU, you are the one youve been looking for, and there is a fucking insane amount of information planted inside of your soul.
    Thank you so much for what you do Lorenzo.

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