Podcast 386 – “Loose Ends Time”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“That’s the key thing that the archaic world knew that we don’t know: How do you live in equilibrium so that your children may live in equilibrium, because otherwise you get a cycle started that’s going to shove somebody over the cliff. And that somebody in the present case is either ourselves, our children, or their children. It’s no further away in time than that.”

“We love to congratulate ourselves on the forward-leaning liberal society that we live in, and the truth is it’s a bunch of rattle snake-handling fundamentalists that are much closer to Stalin than they are to FDR or anybody else like that.”

“If you look at the fossil record, 95% of all the species that have ever lived on the Earth are extinct. From that point of view it looks as though biology is a process for producing extinction.”

“You talk about a well-kept secret that’s only two tokes away? How do they keep the lid on this? That’s the miracle to me. How do they keep the lid on this?” [smoked NN-DMT]

“These chemicals, these plant hallucinogens, are pheromones laden with messages for humanity, but you have to pick up the telephone.”

“I think the world is growing more psychedelic every day. I’m completely hopeful. . . . This is how it should be. This is what it’s like when a species prepares to depart for hyperspace.”


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Hallucinogens and Shamanism by Michael J. Harner

The Terence McKenna Experience by Ken Adams

Quasar shines a bright light on cosmic web

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  1. i’ve been listening to the salon for the last 8 years and this is my first comment! first of all a big thank you for all you do with it – apologies for using a gmail address to comment 😉 you convinced me to dump it but i haven’t quite made the jump to my own hosting yet.

    terence’s comments about this computer software for visualizing the geometries of psychedelic experiences immediately made me think of the mandelbulb fractal. i’m sure other listeners have seen it but for those who haven’t here’s a nice introduction:


    more info here:


  2. The free visual program Electric Sheep is the one of the closest representation to the plant technologies. Just wait till its available on google glasses ^__^

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