Podcast 382 – “The Psychedelic Option”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“And now the task changes. It’s a completely different kind of spiritual universe that you live in after you found the answer, because the task becomes facing the answer. Facing it!”

“What we call history is the fall out of a dynamic hear-and-now, feeling-toned relationship with our environment.”

“Gradual change was a luxury of the past.”

“The politically most potent thing you can do for somebody is to educate them. To give them the facts.”

“The spiritual realm in practical terms means the imagination.”

“The frontier of our species is the imagination.”

“The spiritual realm, in practical terms, means the imagination. The frontier of our species is the imagination.”

“And, in fact, the evidence is building that our style of society is the historical equivalent of a temper tantrum.”

“A shaman is someone who has seen the end. A shaman is somebody who has seen it all.”


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  1. Hi Lorenzo!!
    Love listening to the PS podcasts!! I listen to them at work and they have been intstrumental in the incredible changes I am making in my life. Thank you for all the work you do.
    Hoping to see you at 2014 Burning Man as it will be my first year going.
    Be well

  2. The only reason I have not emailed you is because you won’t accept common email. Happy New years! I still think I am your still you biggest fan! Keep the podcast going! I loved the Joe Rogan podcast you did! Awesome!

  3. Hello Lorenzo,

    Thanks for another podcast.

    I´ve been into this since day 1, but never commented anything.
    Now i thought instead of just taking it for granted, why not throw my thoughts out here.

    Like you, i just love TM talks, Im 28 now, been listening to him for like 10 years now. I gotta say, its been quite a ride listening to him, from stoned ape to timewave and so on. And he´s fascinating take on so many historical events.(like you comment on the hermetism&alchemy episode 🙂 I just wish he would have been my history teacher. Well, Dennis said he could read a phonebook and made it sound amazing, guess so 😀

    Arounds these times i also had my first +5 experiences.
    Wow what a soup for a 20-year old dude…

    But now after few years and after reading The brotherhood of the screaming abyss it made me understand so many things so much better and now i enjoy even more of both Mckenna´s work.

    I´ve learned to love the little things and not the big theories necessaraly.
    There always something new to pick up from a TM lecture.
    I hope you just keep getting new TM tapes but i guess some day we´ve heard it all, if only people had smartphones back then 🙂

    Well anyway theres just my evolution with mckenna and i also want to give props to you.
    Sure one could just listen TM from youtube or whatever but i think you have a really nice way of putting these tapes together. Im loving the comments and also keep sharing your insights no matter how trivial you sometimes think they are 🙂
    After listening to your book and few lectures i think also you have really delicate and heart warming and respectful way of dancing around these topics. Its just great stuff.

    Be well Lorenzo.


  4. Lorenzo. It’s okay. Please rename the “Psychedelic Salon” the “Terence McKenna Salon”. Really. It’s okay.

  5. Lorenzo! This is the place for McKenna. Best place on the net. I send people here all the time. Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to every post you make. I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to have a Jonathan Ott talk.

    I treasure the ones you’ve already posted. And I’ve scoured the net for anything I could digitize and send but there just aren’t any others that I’ve found. I’m sure you know Jonathan and maybe you could pull some strings to get something that we may not have heard yet? He must have some recording somewhere to offer our hungry minds.

    Anyway… LOVE ya man, and so thankful for all you do! 😀

  6. Smoking a joint as opposed to using a vaporizer is like
    the difference between reading a book on paper or on a kindle.
    A joint delivers the full spectrum of components. A vape is more like an isolated active ingredient ala western medicine.
    On paper a book is connected to historical biological information transferal, on a tablet the information is absorbed in the mind with the brain in the domain of ciphering,rather than imagining.
    rather than imagining. Subtle differences, but differences…

  7. At the Void you feel that you just significantly failed to think tthethought. Anyway, being in a void you see that the end of your thinking was the same thing. That brings panic. Because you think you need to think yourself out of the void. And the void is at that point anything. So after you panic and can’t see what you just thought about ytour thought the only thing that is left to reaalize is the void and you see you were there thinking. You get thrown back into same thing again. Then it just ends. That is a lifelong pursuit which took years to prepare as to even get it. After I got it there was nothing to get anymore…

    But the way you get into a void is pretty nice. But it’s impossible to say whether you did an effort to get there. The thoughts which appear to the Void is the Void but unfunctioning voids are there too so it can’t be a matter of feeling…. Which is the thing I’d likee to argue in the Void you know about the explanation of the Void in which people assumably had some of the feelings McKenna was trying to prove for.

    There were no feelings or discrimination of those feelings. The people had not invented them. It is pretty much a waste of intelligence to give a group descriptive to the descriptions in the past.

    Because the group… Inventions of McKenna as to describe or as some of the corky listeners might perceive -bring a set of Daimonix influences to his life column of something being learned from a outer source at the time- weren’t educational.

    The guy who talked about the temple might have been right.

    And projektion of a comparison based contextually even constructed time for some of food.

    Onw more. The story about the Tim Learys i had forgotten it thing. So that the more important message is easier but is followed by something whixh evades purpose but why McKenna gets back to it is un certain. But the guy that was the answer you know like what about question: can’t get back stuff or somethinğ.

    Like McKenna didn’t remember what he had said on another tape. But the future is like he didn’t say he was rright. The words fail and so on. I don’t think so.

  8. After many years leaching off of your services, I finally sent you a donation. I still owed you for that one time.

    Be well, my friend.

  9. Another masterpiece of McKenna’s!

    This gentlemen just never ceases to amaze me. Keep them coming Lorenzo. Thanks to you our worldviews get a few much needed psychedelic spanks each time. i salute you!

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