Podcast 381 – “A Stiff Dose of Psychedelics”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“[It is] a race between education and disaster.

“We’re going to either burst out into a millennium of freedom and caring and decency, or we’re going to toxify the whole thing and turn it into an ash heap. And the responsibility falls largely on us.”

“Outlandish things are going on inside the psychedelic experience. It seems to imply the thing we had hardly dared hope, which is that the world is whatever you say it is if you know how to say it right.”

“Until I went into therapy I thought I had the most ordinary family in the world, and then once you’re in therapy you discover that it was the most insane scene you’d ever heard of, and you just didn’t notice.”

“Science fiction I really consider a proto-psychedelic drug, because what science fiction does is it gives permission to imagine.”

“We can’t preach to the have-nots the virtue of voluntary simplicity when we’re riding around in BMWs and collecting Monets. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.”


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  1. Lorenzo, in your ending notes about Terence’s family under therapy as compared to yours, where your parents never raised their voices at each other, I must say your family are abnormally angel like! Insane can go both ways.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: To be clear, my parents never raised their voices within hearing of my brother and me. But yes, we are all a little mad in our own wonderful ways :-).]

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