Podcast 379 – “Divine Androgyny”


Guest speaker: Jae Starfox


This podcast features Jae Starfox’s 2013 Palenque Norte Lecture, which was delivered at the Burning Man Festival. In their talk, Jae provides a candid look into some of the issues that transgender people are faced with as they make their way through a sometimes less than friendly world. As more and more people are beginning to deal with their own gender related issues, this talk provides some little discussed but very important information. Following Jae’s talk I play a short segment from my interview on the Joe Rogan podcast in which we also discuss gender issues.


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  1. I have long been interested in the promotion of equal rights and respect for all people, and have had numerous trans friends in the past who i have dearly enjoyed spending time with.

    I was interested in this talk after hearing the intro, but one thing really got to me. It is fine, in fact beautiful, to be different, but that doesn’t mean you have to demand some insane level of attention just because you feel different – which i feel sometimes people in the lgbtq community do for some unknown reason

    For instance, the very particular pro-noun requests of calling someone “them” seems too much to me. At least the getting angry if someone doesn’t use your very specific and unusual “They” pronoun when meeting a gender queer person is too much in my opinion.

    If someone felt entitled that all people call them “the dearest Batman”, we would find that too difficult and just not practical. To go to the bank and have the teller remember you like to be called “the dearest Batman” is asking the world around you to devote more energy and time to you than the average person ever gets.

    I don’t mean this to be hateful, just practical. We are all just humans here, and the average person sometimes gets called the wrong name, or more often just has some generic term used to describe them, and the reason is that there are so many of us here in the world you couldn’t hope to have a unique descriptor for every single person – just like you couldn’t demand all people who see your car to bend over and bow when they see your car, just because you feel it is your “human right”. there has to be a degree of common sense about these things.

    It just seems somewhat spiteful to hold the world hostage and demand they submit to your very specific rules when that is not the way of the world. It actually hinders us all getting along and living peacefully.

    If calling someone by the pro-noun ‘they’ is held to be an expected part of peoples human rights, the next thing someone will be demanding they be referred to by all with all sorts of weird pro nouns.

    I am just trying to have intelligent discussion here, not to hurt anyone.

  2. Terence said in a talk that we would se a lot more sex change operations and such in the future. Transgenderism(whatever that is) certainly seems to be on the rise so it seems he was right on that. I can’t remember which talk he said that but i am certain he did. Maybe someone else knows?

  3. Gender is a spectrum. All forms of human should be free to be themselves. It is the most divine of all rights.

  4. Interesting thought experiment, that male/female thing.

    I got a viking, and weed. Picturing a stoned viking I got myself, and reality.

    Good trip.

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