Podcast 378 – “A Psychedelic Point of View”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“A psychedelic point of view means a point of view which honors consciousness.”

“You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate.”

“Our role is not to understand but to appreciate.”

“It’s ridiculous to attempt to seize the tiller of reality, because we don’t even know where we want to go.”J

“We extract the poetry from being by the assumption of the mundane.”

“Once nature is taken as the ground of being then permission to inflate the image of the ego is denied.”

“Intuition must be given prominence in the rearrangement of our relationship with the world.”

“Science is really the, it’s the plumbing level of reality. It doesn’t catch the integrated nature of language, the evolution of fairy tales, the dynamics of love affairs, the quintessence of genius, these are the things, that as human beings, structure and constellate and guide and inform our world. And science has nothing to say about these things.”

“Intuition is the unifying of experience into a gestalt image of the world.”

“We are much more suited for dancing than for whatever it is that we have been doing.”


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  1. Also nothing wrong woth a book about the CEOs. There are plenty of books about workers. It is like saying Animal Farm is only about the animals not much about the farmers, well that is because that is NOT what that book is about. Pretty simple IMO.

  2. I disagree with what you say about Atlas. It was not the rich and powerful, but the inventors/movers that walked away. Rand, in that book, despise the rich but not the creators.

    I do not care about her cult or followers, I am just talking about that book. Leftist people always have a problem with Rand because in a sense she is right. The masses of working class people are vampires. They never take their own lives into their own hands, instead they cast blame on the rich or on the state.

  3. In case I seemed to be implying otherwise, I did want to make it clear that I think the “state” is absolutely, completely out-of-control… control of the people that is… our government AND the bulk of our citizens are firmly in the hands of the corporate-fascist technocracy…


    And yet, the state does not control any one of us that chooses to keep a door stop under the entrance to our mind. Don’t be like the TV; don’t trust any authority in any quarter; think about yourself as an unraveling knot of wonder and adventure

  4. @Andrew
    Just my thoughts as well here, but I don’t recall Rand ever mentioning or using the words “worker” or “laborer” to describe her main characters. In fact, such people (workers) seem to be perpetual background in her books. For instance, in the Foutainhead, not one of the many workers, tradesmen, contractors and the like who helped Howard Roark to build his marvelous structures has a name and hardly a one of them has a line of dialogue. She didn’t seem to have any interest at all in these “background” people. They just did what they were told by their individualistic savior masters who battled out the politics in their lofty realms of money and power.

    That was my impression anyway. Not much different from how CNN and MSNBC and Fox portray the “important” people today.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: That was my impression also.]

  5. At the end of the podcast, you spoke about Ayn Rand. When I read Atlas Shrugged, I did not take her message as only applying to big corporate CEO’s – I thought the message of Galt’s Gulch applies to all workers, laborers, and businessmen who are having their lives and practices manipulated by the state. – which is similar to the conclusion you were drawing at the end I think. Just a thought I had.

    It was a great podcast – McKenna’s lecture was brilliant and applies to several current aspects of my life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. bro, you put out 2 mckenna talks back to back, with an appearance on the JRE on the following day? Hell yeah, Lorenzo. <3

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