Podcast 370 – “Modeling Human History”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“History is like self-reflection through the medium of language propelling itself into self-recognition.”

“Clearly, what is happening, I think, is there is a kind of global emergence of a new mental order.”

“The central figure in the archaic revival is the shaman.”

“We are caught in a tremendous historical crisis. And what we lack, in this crisis, is consciousness, whatever that means, the ability to integrate data about the situation we are in.”

“We are like coral animals in a vast reef of excreted technological material that is wired for solid state data transfer.”

“Notice that the whole story of Eden is the story of the struggle over a woman’s relationship to a psychoactive plant.”

“The reason I am so passionately committed to the psychedelic thing is because I see it as radical, and if this is not the moment for radical solutions, what is?”

“What we need to change is our minds, that’s the part that’s doing us dirt and dragging us under. How can we change our minds.”


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Book mentioned in this podcast

The Great Drug War: And Rational Proposals To Turn The Tide
Arnold S. Trebach

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