Podcast 362 – “Flashbacks”


Guest speaker: Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary at MIllbrook


Today’s podcast features Dr. Timothy Leary reading a few selected chapters from his autobiography, Flashbacks. Interestingly, he begins this recording with Chapter 19, which details with his departure from Harvard.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“We agreed that as much as we loved and respected Harvard University, this finishing school for Fortune 500 executives was not the place for philosophic activists bent on changing practically everything.”

“The State of California should be run like a successful business enterprise. . . . Anyone smart enough to live in California should be paid a dividend.”


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  1. Really loved this podcast Lorenzo! I don’t think I would have read Tim Leary’s book, but with him narrating it is a great yarn with personality. Is there more audio you can post of this? The story was just getting really interesting!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: So far this is the only recording of him reading his autobiography that I’ve come across so far, but I’ll keep looking.]

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