Podcast 360 – “Medicine Oracle & Spellbreaker”


Guest speaker: Shonagh Home


Shonagh Home[NOTE: All quotations are by Shonagh Home.]

“Plant medicines have long been the domain of women.”

“We are taught to escape in this culture, and so what these [psychedelic] medicines will do is they’ll take you to the heart of the truth of who you are and what needs to be addressed.”

“I think of myself as a spiritual warrior, and a spiritual warrior seeks to know, they are on a quest to know.”

“We still have an Inquisition, it’s a Pharmacratic Inquisition, it’s still around.”

“. . . they say we are wanting you to see and understand what’s going on, because when you see, you SEE, then it’s game over, right? [Which is] another reason why these medicines are illegal, because if you use them enough, in the right set and setting, then you start to get what’s going on, you start to really see.”

“We are here to remember the truth of what we are.”

“You are not the ‘story’ of what you think you are.”


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Interview with Shonagh Home on Shamanic Freedom Radio

Shonagh Home Web Site


Love and Spirit Medicine
By Shonagh Home

The Psychedelic Future of the Mind: How Entheogens Are Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and Raising Values
By Thomas B. Roberts

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  1. 40 minutes in and I’m so grateful for this talk. I second Febo in that I thought there were no contemporary speakers that were interesting (Graham Hancock aside) but I think Shonagh changes that opinion.

  2. This is one of those podcasts you pull out every once in a while Lorenzo, that just blows my mind. Don’t think I would have ever found this useful, useful talk by myself.

    Thank you very much for posting, and much much thanks to Shonagh for speaking and being!

  3. A truly excellent and refreshing talk! Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to hear some more talks by Shonagh in the future.

  4. Listening to Shonagh’s thoughts and encouragement was very enlightening. She filled in some of the gaps that I didn’t get with McKenna. Thank you so much for your work Lorenzo! These talks are mind blowing!

  5. Thanks Lorenxo and Shonagh, this was an amazing talk which I really enjoyed and got a lot from. Up there with the Cat Harrison, Anne Shulgin, and Annie Oak ones!

  6. I *really* loved that talk. One of the better things I’ve heard on here in a while; Shonagh, thank you.
    @Mateo- conspiracy conshmiracy. Our government, which is controlled by the most powerful banks and other corporations, is more than “a little” messed up; they’re psychopathic fascists. They execute wars such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing thousands (something like a million in Vietnam) innocent people all to expand an Empire that looks like the Roman Empire, and to increase profits for weapons manufacturers and the like. They preside over a “Drug War” that criminalizes plants and the people who use them, putting millions of people behind bars. It’s not some accident, and yes there are people in charge who know exactly what they’re doing. Follow the money and the right-wing think tanks behind it all. Calling out the disgusting political reality for what it is isn’t fear-mongering; it’s exactly the opposite. It takes guts, vision, and hope to face the war machine that we’re living under and recognize the role that psychedelics could play in waking people up and inspiring us to topple this system of war and hate and replace it one based on cooperation and love. Naivete is not our friend in this struggle. Indeed, only the truth will set us free.

  7. The shadow, both within the individual and the collective, can be extremely threatening to those who prefer a safe container that holds them within the boundaries of their knowledge.
    There’s a wonderful saying about truth that goes, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. “ ~Arthur Schopenhauer
    I speak the truth. I seek to empower and share knowledge, and I am passionate about what I do. My writing and my work with individuals and groups speaks for itself.
    Blessings on your journey, Shonagh

  8. The confoundment is not from her being a woman. The confoundment is from not understanding why such a psychedelic person would seem to promote fear to sell a book.

    Plant medicine is about one heartedness, peace, love, communication, and exploration. Its about being in the presence of the moment, and expecting/excepting change and transformation.

    Within the psychedelic community and inherently within its metaphysics/spirituality/philosophy there is no room for entertaining ideas pertaining to how our reptillian illuminati new world order overlords use our language to enslave us.

    Yes, culture is not our friend. Yes, our culture can only evolve as fast as our language. But the context in which Shonagh is trying to place and evolve those ideas in this talk seems to be placing it within an evil context or intent. Like in what the foundation of conspiracy theory is “a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization.”

    Yes, American Medicine is a little fucked up. Yes,our banking and financial system is fucked up. Yes, Our agricultural system is a little fucked up. Yes, our government is a little fucked up. But, its fucked up because the mechanical cascade of events that were steered in this direction were unknowingly steered in this direction. And that no one or one group is in control.

    As an example American medicine doesn’t want to hurt people with antidepressants, they must be doing what they do because they genuinely believe it is the right path. If it is not the right path their ignorance will fade eventually.
    And if you believe that the boogie man is real, maybe he is. Maybe i have yet to meet him, but i once lived in the fear of the boogie man. The reptiles were out to get us.Living in fear of the imagination is no one to live.

    In closing, I did enjoy aspects to Shonagh’s talk. It is nice to hear others perspectives especially from females. But what my heart interpreted as fear mongering needs to be saved for the new age/ conspiracy theorists. I mean seriously I thought she was channeling Jordan Maxwell for a bit of that.

    “I feel afraid and I don’t know what i do.”

  9. Mateo – I suggest reading her book, it’s got plenty of the ‘good stuff’ you want. I thank Shonagh for providing this essential (if not warm and fuzzy) information. Maybe ask yourself why a woman who owns her power leaves you so confounded.

    I thought this was a beautiful, eye-opening, inspiring and thought-provoking talk. I promptly bought her book on Amazon and I’m already making big changes in my life from the insights and inspirations. Thank you Lorenzo.

  10. All i can say for now is that i found this talk disturbing and have written two pages on this talk that i may or may not share.

    Why couldn’t she focus more on the Red Queen and Palenque and the truths about love and kindness??? Why? Why so much conspiracy theory fear mongering. Why? Why so much psychonautic elitism.

    This talk truly leaves me confounded in a bad bad way. Not in the usual McKenna inspired good way.

    And i cuss in my day to day life but something about her bad language rubbed me the wrong way this whole talk rubbed me the wrong way and I cannot figure out why.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I have no idea what you are talking about.]

  11. I’ happy to retract my previous statement that no speakers in this field today are all that interesting.

  12. Great and Timely Podcast, often a difficult topic to “english” in a conventional sense, so if you are speaking what is already formed somewhat to my mind then the mark has been hit…right on. I am also very appreciative of some focus on the respect, usage and promise of these medicines in use when it comes to addiction and dependance, specifically when it comes to the rise in PTSD cases that looms large on the horizon as well as the Opiate Prescription/Addiction, SSRI, Anti-depressant pez dispenser model that the current medical establishment uses almost unwittingly in treatment models. This podcast fell on ears and mind close to home and is worth sharing widely, there is so much healing that can be accomplished once the long held misinformation is discarded and replaced with open mindedness. I am glad that so many are placing this dialog into the present fold in a way that cuts through our long held cultural prejudices.

  13. Much thanks for this very, very engaging talk! I found her book on the kindle store and I’m loving the perspective. The legal issues were deep! I’ve never put stock in the argument that capital letters on your birth certificate create a corporation as I see it more as a method of clarity so as to avoid confusion of names (ie, McDonald vs MCDONALD) but I will have to take another peek into that wormhole! Interesting idea but courts have repeatedly dismissed this argument, but that is not to say the premise could be correct…. Lots of love.

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