Podcast 358 – “This Psychedelic Thing”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“I think if we ever tease apart this psychedelic thing, what we’ll discover is it’s an inter-species communication system.”

“I’m at war with the keepers of the secrets.”

“One of the motivations for my career is to get other people to check [DMT] out, because here is truly confounding data that you don’t have to make an expedition to the heart of the Amazon, or battle your way through hours of waves of nausea and dark spaces, chanting your mantra obsessively. I mean, when you smoke DMT, 30 seconds later you’re in the presence of the unspeakable, and the show is going full blast.”

“It really frustrates me when people have psychedelic experiences and don’t talk about them, because to me, that’s what they’re for. They’re to fertilize the enterprise of communication. It’s to be talked about. And if it’s not talked about it’s sort of like seeds which fall on sterile ground.”

“I think that the world is held together by a misunderstanding.”

“The real trick with an extraterrestrial is to know when you’re in the presence of one.”

“If you want the real thing, it’s just five dried grams away. The REAL THING!”

“The New Age, generally I find, is somewhat obnoxious, because it’s a flight from the psychedelic experience.”

“I love science. I just think it’s incredibly pretentious and has claimed too much.”

“It’s astonishing the cul de sacs into which the human mind has wandered.”

“The psychedelic thing speaks to freedom, and so you can shine that on a number of issues.”


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Contact in the Desert

“The Planet’s Premier UFO Convention”

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  1. Thank you Lorenzo for all of these podcasts. I’m glad there are still McKenna talks coming out that I haven’t heard.

    Do you have many left up your sleeve? I can never get enough. Your podcast is incredibly instrumental in allowing me to hear as much of the Bard as I have, you are a true pillar in the psychedelic community.

    Thanks again, and peace out.


  2. Unless I’ve lost my mind somewhat, it appears my commnet was removed.
    I made a genuinely synchronistic discovery, one which shows how McKenna’s vision and thinking style is still very much alive, something which I found immediately attractive – I post it here for any McKenna fan with an interest to check out – and it gets removed? Not cool at all.

    You see, there is an underlying issue here – how much longer can McKenna keep us captivated? Who else is anywhere near his caliber? I don’t find any other usual voices in this media space all that interesting.

    However, quite to my surprise, I have luckily happened on some very related material in other media spaces, contemporary material.

  3. That first comment is ridiculous. Thank you so much for all that you do Lorenzo. Much love.

  4. hey Lorenzo

    the podcast and the efforts to upload them are always extremely appreciated. even if we have never met, when you sign off with “be well my friends” i can feel it sincerely as though all of us in the psychedelic community are truly friends.

    despite listening to so much mckenna that i can now anticipate his jokes verbatim, i eagerly await the next installment of this workshop!

  5. Dear Lorenzo,

    Please stop complaining about technical issues during airtime. I’m sorry you’re server crashed but that doesn’t give you the excuse to cut out the people at the lectures, down mix source audio to mono quality and suggest cutting the podcast lectures into shorter times.

    You suggested the server was overloaded in a DDOS style (too many requests) but I doubt that was the cause. Sometimes servers just freeze up and crash, unless you have log files proving otherwise such assumptions about bandwidth and cpu load are superstition. This is the year 2013, these internet issues are old hat, tech is meant to liberate our minds not box them in. If I was podcasting a cooking show and spend time complaining about every bruised fruit that I found in my kitchen I doubt the audience would find interesting either.

    For more on this issue please watch this video:

    [btw youtube & google analytics will track and i’m using a gmail address, the utah data center isn’t online yet though ;), if you want I can DL all the mp3 files in your RSS with a 450+MB/s downspeed connection.. just let me know in the comments. i doubt the server would crash.]

    [COMMENT BY LORENZO: Well, excuuuuuse me. :-)]

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