Podcast 354 – “Pre-End of the World Special”


Guest speakers: Michael Garfield & Matt Pallamary

Land Without Evil by Matthew PallamaryPROGRAM NOTES:

Today we only go back in time a short way, back to December 12, 2012 when Matt Pallmary and Michael Garfield took a break during their work on the stage production of Matt’s novel, “Land Without Evil”, in Austin, Texas. In this wide ranging discussion between salon favorite, Matt Pallamary, and long time saloner, burner, artist, and musician, Michael Garfield, one of my favorite topics was Michael’s very positive take on the long-term impact of the work of Terence McKenna, regardless of the fact that the Timewave theory had obviously been disproven. Michael is also a regular performer on the festival circuit, and his schedule may be found online at

Michael Garfield.net


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  1. Hey Lorenzo, love the podcast man! I can definitely relate to McKenna’s dancing bear metaphor 🙂 Well I’m a musician in Houston,TX and I just released a humorous song you might be interested in using. It’s called Freak Out Acid Blues and you can find it at http://www.shankstermusic.com/music(it's the first track on the page). I’d be happy to send you the mp3 if you’d like to use it on one of your podcast or on your blog. Thanks man, hope to hear from you soon!

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