Podcast 349 – “A Higher Dimensional Sectioning of Reality”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Just because you have a nut theory it doesn’t mean that you agree with other nut theories. In fact, it often makes you very hostile to them. After all, there’s a limited pool there that we’re all after.”

“Because I believe psychedelics are a kind of higher dimensional sectioning of reality, I think they give the kind of stereoscopic vision necessary to hold the entire hologram of what’s happening in your mind. The old paradigm is gone.”

“Shamanism is about shape shifting. Shamanism is about doing phenomenology with a tool kit that works.”

“I think psychedelics are sort of like doing calisthenics in preparation for the marathon at the end of time.”

“[Psychedelic experiences are] beyond the reach of cultural manipulation, and discovering this and exploring it is somehow the frontier of maturity. Culture is a form of enforced infantilism. It’s the last nursery, and most people never leave it.”

“It doesn’t matter what your cultural conditioning is, it falls into question under the influence of the psychedelic. And for most people that’s frightening.”

“We are the damaged heirs of a damaged cultural style which has been practiced now for about seven thousand years.”

“There is an intelligence in the species that is deeper than the societies and the systems that we erect to rule us, and this wisdom of the species can make enormous changes in the evolution of the mass psyche, such as the Renaissance for example.”

“Impressionism [in painting] is simply twenty minutes into LSD.”

“Belief is a form of infantilism. There is no ground for believing anything.”

“I believe that great weirdness stalks the universe. That’s not the issue with me, but it is not tacky. It is not tacky.”


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  1. To those wondering about the videos referenced in the first comment. . .

    Pierre’s Videos are posted at: noeticsociety.org

  2. What a beautiful story you told at then end Lorenzo. It fit in so perfectly and made me smile.

  3. Hey Lorenzo,
    Thank you for telling your story at the end of the podcast. The mountain of consciousness, the new age precipice and the bedrock of belief are all potent and useful metaphors and I appreciate you sharing them and the podcast.

  4. Lorenzo, I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now (Im 25) and I simply want to thank you for all the work. Your words about McKenna at the end of this podcasts resonated with me very deeply.

    McKenna changed my life in ways I cannot even start to express fully. While psychedelics changed my deepest inners, McKenna allowed for these changes to manifest into spoken words and thoughts in my mind, by stretching these concepts to their limits.

  5. So only love can save us. All these governments will not prevail for much longer. Actually, nothing can save these people. Many will die, perhaps all of us, but there will be dozens of new civilizations after us.

  6. Evolution of Deepeer Intelligence, that’s the thing Terence really talked about in most of his lectures. Psychedelics are really working out to be like that, because the universe is opening to us, right now – all before us, we only have to save ourselves for of all of it happen, we have to be wise in order to save this planet. Which others can? Maybe the aliens.
    Lorenzo seems to have given up on some of the points of Terence’s vision of the future, but what about his own vision? Can you tell us, Lorenzo? I’m sure you could address this more.
    See, what mattered to Terence the most I presume, was that the Cosmic Intuition is that consciousness is of the mind (Stoned Ape) and it’s shamanic vision, which is a very old vision, is that of our species, and that the planet and it’s novelty (our current lives) are systems within the universe of systems of our being, that is all the 64 hexagrams preceding this moment, which is to be encouraged by love (felt and visualized in the experience), which is really just the workings of unconditional love for our place in the universe, and a deep devotion to the evolution of wisdom of the human race (currently), or whatever there is left for us to create the Archaic Revival with, which really just meant that Terence was rambling about his own ecstasy felt during some these moments… and we all agreed with it. We must.

  7. You mentioned a style of word at the introduction which intrigues me.
    I call them the “ture” words. Words which look as “true” but are in fact false, as demonstrated in their mis-spell.
    Each is a framing of context to a form while not being by sense the entirety which can be perceived.
    Nature on the other hand is written as a double negative therefore making it the only of the “ture” words which be true.
    na, no, nada, nhet etc.

  8. 33 minutes in I must stop to comment on the platonic triad Terrence brings up. If one were to explore further the ideas of the the good, the truth and the beautiful in Plato, Plotinus and some of Proclus there are more to these ideas. Plotinus on beauty in his first book and the soul in the 4th and Proclus’ elements of theology is full of great depth on many ideas. Some of the methods are of a contemplative activity. After finally deciding to track how my ideas were leading into others (everyday life became kind of psychedelic) I had realized it was was from being fascinated by all of these kind of talks. I also realized it was the interests in ideas and entertaining the idea that they are located on a non-physical dimension with human beings using language to bring them here, which I gathered from Terrence. I finally got a taste of platonic and neo platonic thought from listening to him reference the source and searching for them (also finding out my mother somehow had the whole collection of the great books on her bookshelves and her having never read them they seemed there for me :P). Pierre Grimes goes into great detail with lectures on the ideas of the good, the one, the beautiful and I think succeeds in giving one a type of yoga or practice for one to hopefully experience them. Some of his lectures can be found on youtube (not sure if linking here is allowed). The other reason I point this out is because Terrence talks about the psychedelics being a short cut to this experience that can be validated first hand but for those who do not want to take that route or are not able to there are other methods and they do seem of a meditative nature. cheers.

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