Podcast 335 – “Is There Any Reason to Hope?”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna & Fraser ClarkPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“[The wide variety of psychedelic plants] are the way in which the Earth itself is stepping in to aid in the agenda of cultural transformation. There are too many doorways in nature that lead to heaven, there are too many paths to the mystery for any institution or social policy to be able to thwart the intent of the human species to evolve.”

“The smart people who are straight are involved in simply the media management of what has turned into a slow apocalypse, spreading starvation, exacerbated class differences, toxified agriculture, so forth and so on. I don’t believe the Establishment thinks there are solutions. Their policy is basically the management of panic, which is hardly a forward moving approach to the adventure of human civilization.”

“Inside the boundaries of the old paradigm there’s no hope, there’s no way out of the box of capitalism, monogamy, consumer fetishism, egoism, money worship, no way out. No way. No way out!”

“Because this is the world that science built, with the henchmen of capitalism and Christianity.”

“This unique strategy that the advanced primates created, the strategy of using language to bind time, is what the process we call ‘civilization’ has been all about.”

“Cyberspace is the human transition into a mathematical super space where we as a collectivity become optionally a single point of view.”

“The main thing going on in the 20th century is a dissolving of boundaries, all the boundaries that historical civilization put in place.”

“Let’s not underrate cannabis, for cryin’ out loud. Cannabis should be the glue of the community.”

“The obligation on us is to communicate the truth so that it is understood. The belief will take care of itself.”


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  2. Nice job, Lorenzo.

    You are definitely fulfilling your obligation by broadcasting these amazing lectures to the masses, or at the very least to us, the seekers of truth.

    Oh, and you’re also one of the nicest people on the air. As I said in my email, you never disappoint and you always inspire…

    “There are too many doorways in nature that lead to heaven. There are too many paths to the mystery for any institution or social policy to be able to thwart the intent of the human species to evolve.”

    …i was gushing with spirit and fire when i heard Mckenna say this!! lol. look fwd to your next podcast, as always 😉



  3. Thanks for producing these podcasts Lorenzo. I’ve listened to about 25% of them so far. Many of them several times over.

    I think you’re doing a great job with getting these recordings out in a timely manner. I see no reason for you to be so hard on yourself.

  4. You keep bringing up your rudeness and lethargy and general lack of interest in your email. I’m thinking about it, and I agree. It really IS rude. If it isn’t pot, maybe you should get your thyroid checked. I felt a nearly blissful serenity about not caring much about things that used to stress me for the first year or so of my thyroid tanking. It gets to be a darn unhappy thing for more than just the people trying to communicate with you after a while. You’ll know it when you are staring at your bare feet wondering who you can get to put on your shoes and socks for you.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I’m not quite at the “staring at your feet” point. My issue with email is that I receive several hundred non-spam emails each week. Simply reading them all without replying takes hours . . . hours that I feel I should use working on my new book. It’s really that simple, too much volume for one person to handle.]

  5. A great rap. He gets straight to the heart of the matter of the “slow apocalypse”.

    Sadly, I don’t share his faith in a great act of redemption. I have to admit, I laughed out loud when he said “well, if you look at the Timewave, …!”

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