Podcast 324 – “Esalen 2012 Redux”


Guest speaker: Bruce Damer


Today’s program consists of ten separate pieces from a June 2012 workshop at the Esalen Institute, eight of which are by Bruce Damer. Here are the titles that Bruce has given to these short talks:
–Are we all becoming autistic astronauts?
–On our dual bonobo and chimp nature
–The things I loved about Terence
–Esalen @ 50
–“Procreate only once” (and we will have a future)
–The wellspring of human consciousness
–Terence’s greatest Rap: Its all about Love, and where to now, Butterfly Hunter?
Following that we will be hearing the two closing segments of the workshop. The first is the “Rap for Terence” by Earth Girl and following that comes Galen Brandt singing her tribute to Terence titled “Aho Terence floating in the sky”


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2012 Palenque Norte Lectures at Burning Man

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“Rave Culture And the End Of The World…as we know it”

“Monkey’s Trip, A Short History of the Human Species”

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  1. Just now listened to this for the first time and it’s February of 2018.
    2011/2012 was such a whirlwind of events and I had no idea what was happening but felt it was big.
    Sifting through the sands of the past now and they become glossy Pearls like this amazing recording.
    I recently had a dream where I saw Terence.
    It was on a dark stormy ocean of nothingness and then there was a ship.
    The ship made itself known as the constellation Argo Navis. Out of this ship sailed multiple bobbled headed figures.
    Terence popped out in a huge head form amongst the other heads and said to me;
    “Do something no human has ever done, Be YOU.”
    What a gift. Thank you Lorenzo for sharing these recordings with all the world and for keeping our community Dreams Alive.
    (((Om Shanti)))✳

  2. Hello Lorenzo…thank you for presenting this great archive.
    Nice photo of Damer + good work on the editing!
    thankyou thankyou for sharing your personal insights motivations etc… The form of the podcast and website feels welcoming to me, its like catching up with an intimate old friend every time i visit

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: . . . :-), thanks!]

  3. Man, I really enjoyed this podcast. Of course, I enjoy every podcast, but I found Bruce’s talks very interesting, very thought-provoking. He’s still second to Mr. Mckenna in terms of eloquence, but in my opinion, he’s in the same league. I certainly respect and appreciate him, and find him very intelligent.

    Strangely, despite finding Earth Girl somewhat off-putting in the last podcast, I found her Rap beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Sister.

    Thanks again for all your work Lorenzo! I am forever appreciative.

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